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Who has the most anti fans in kpop

Who has the most anti fans in kpop


It's obvious to see that a member who is beautiful and visual of idol groups usually has the most anti-fans. It's not easy to became an idol!

According to netizens, these are the idols who have the most anti-fans in their groups

7 Ways How K-Pop Ladies Deal With Anti-Fans

[Opinion] Anti Fans and Their Power in the Music Industry

10 Idol Chilling Stories About Anti Fans Attack


She's a good rapper as well as a great singer, she's also a dedicated leader. Sometimes fans can't understand the thoughts of anti-fans.

7 K-Pop Fan Meeting Disasters

But actually, because he's a good singer so he gets more lines than other members. And he's genuinely funny, he doesn't fake as many anti-fans say.


Baby VOX's Eunhye

Fans Surprised Beacause These Idols Who Have The Most Anti fans In Their Groups

However, 2PM fans were terrified when anti-fans sent bouquets of flowers that symbolize death in Korea.

Specialists Select The Most Beautiful Female K-Pop Idols Of 2017

... many anti-fans, Taeyeon was always the first one who took responsibility when the group had any bad rumors. Especially when she was dating Baekhyun, ...

dasom, dasom hater, dasom anti, seolhyun, seolhyun anti, seolhyun hater,

So having more photoshoots than other members is understandable. Just because of that reason makes Nayeon have the most anti-fans in her group is so unfair ...

Despite being one of the biggest girl bands in Asia, Korean pop group 2NE1 doesn

Termed today as the "black ocean" incident, Girls' Generation's anti-fans shut off their glow lights and ceased their cheering during the 'Dream Concert,' ...

IdoLs Who have the Most Anti-fans in their Groups

Just to mix things up a little and really put my super Boram ESP powers to the test, I decided to make the most outlandish predictions I could think of for ...

Logical fallacies take many forms, and while I don't have time to cover all of them, this post will focus on the most popular ones used by k-pop fans and ...

[TOP 10 SHOCK] Sasaeng Fans Put K-Pop Idols in Danger!!


Here're 5 Kpop Idols With The Most Beautiful Eyes That Can Mesmerize All Fans In The World


dasom, dasom hater, dasom anti, seolhyun, seolhyun anti, seolhyun hater,

It's always great to hear about non-entertainment accomplishments that our favorite K-pop stars have achieved in their lives. However, some anti-fans ...

Anti-fans quickly rallied to create the forum Tajinyi,claiming that Tablo had faked getting his diploma from Standford.

Why do Korean idols face threats from fans?

During her days as a member of Baby V.O.X, Kan Mi Yeon was known to have a strong, huge fanbase. However, her anti-fans grew high in numbers after it was ...

BTS Fans Hilariously Shut Down Anti-Fans After BBMAs


With the bright eyes, pretty face, IU amazed fans and even anti-fans with this photo

The two-hundred and twenty-one thousand dislikes on “TT” definitely amounted to a ton of views, helping it become the most-watched K-Pop girl group music ...

9 Extreme Cases Of Idols Being Harmed By Anti Fans

Am I the k-pop version of a hipster, liking things before they are cool? Am I trying to troll fans of established groups for laughs?

Older K-pop fandoms think they're on a high horse, but it's actually a mound of shit

The poll indicates that EXO seems to have the largest number of K-pop fans


During the “Dream Concert”, the same concert where the 'black ocean' incident occurred, anti-fans publicly tore down all of the Super Junior stage banners.

Formerly known as Kang Eun Bi, this actress faced so much hate from anti- fans that she attempted suicide at several points. The psychological distress from ...

A controversial Pann (similar to Reddit) post titled, “These are the facts and evidences regarding EXO Lay's withdrawal. Please read it,” and went on to ...

Sadia Lima

aoa mina

One would think that Jay Park would have enough on his plate right after his departure from 2PM. Anti-fans apparently didn't think so, however, ...

With great popularity comes great numbers of anti-fans as well. During her days as a member of Baby V.O.X, Kan Mi Yeon was known to have a strong, ...


... and "That XX" (before officially debut with Blackpink), someone called herself Jennie's old classmate and said she had been bullied by her at school.

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Opinion: The Fetishization of the K-Pop Boy Band

At a concert in China, some of anti-fans beamed lasers into EXO members' eyes, making EXO-Ls worry a lot about their idols.

Apparently AKF's favorite faggot rapper is a bit jelly over the success of PSY's Gangum Style---this according to legit news sources such as Soompi (LOL).


Pann: BTOB fans actually seem to neglect Sungjae a lot

K-POP or KKK-POP? Covert Anti-Black Music Scene Sweeping America

Additionally, the singer was also egged and had food thrown at her to the point where she was scared of anti-fans and refused to walk in public with her ...

The Crazed K-Pop Fandom - The Fandom Files


TOP 10 Most dangerous anti-fan's attack · Kpop College

How Some K-Pop Acts Find More Fame Overseas Than At Home

K-Pop world is full of male idols who are good-looking. They are not just handsome but they are also cute, silly, childish, and funny as well. We've seen ...

When some netizens noticed Twice's maknae - Tzuyu's showed a sign slight weight gain. A hater commented that she was fat, instantly, a fan replied: "If ...

EXO_Winner_Super Junior_Got7

you out here working with kpop stuff gaining all these NON BLACK FOLLOWERS most of them already on some anti black “oppa do hip hop better than the ...


Red Velvet leads the pack of most powerful girl groups. They topped the brand reputation rankings with a total score of 6,751,331. They had a participation ...

With a group as popular as EXO there isn't a shortage of anti-fans. The members of EXO were on SBS' Power FM's “Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time" and Sehun, Chen, ...

Most emotional reactions from groups receiving their first win | allkpop.com

I have no idea who or what TC Candler is, but people are making a big deal out of this list. This list just goes to show no matter how hard women ...

Korea Times

... your duty is to appear in front of public with the happy and optimistic image no matter whatever happens. For example, (BTS) V's grandmother had passed ...

NOTE: The following list is not in order.

For those of you who find yourself agreeing with this anonymous commenter above, you'll probably not be surprised to know that this is not a recent ...

I think they're disgusting and immature people who do not deserve to be called k-pop fans for insulting twice by spreading false BS and assume that ...

10 Kpop idols who has amazing broad shoulders



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Everyone has a use in k-pop as the reply deftly demonstrates, although he evaded talking about Hwayoung because he didn't want to be rude and just say " ...

In one of these cases, BTS's Jimin fainted during a fan meeting in Osaka, Japan. Jimin fainted and fell on stage after a game even that involved him holding ...

Has the K-Pop Girl Group Scene Undergone a Silent Revolution?

Inside The Lives Of The World's Most Famous K-Pop Stars

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Chinese fans of S.Korean pop culture stay loyal despite rumored ban - Global Times

9 K-Pop Idols Born in 1999

When UEE officially informed the fans that she was dating Kangnam after several denials, some fans felt cheated and betrayed by the idols.

South Korean K-Pop fans of a boy band called Exo try to cacth a

JBJ Wikimedia


LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 21: K-Pop sensation, group BTS poses



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