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Unknown probe locations

Unknown probe locations


Elite: Dangerous Horizons - Engineers -- Unknown Probe On Merope 5c Surface

The Unknown Probe message is really a 'blueprint' for disaster... ...

Unknown probes decoded! Things are about to get serious…


Elite: Dangerous Horizons - Engineers -- Unknown Probe

Elite Dangerous - Where to find unknown probe

Where to find Unknown Artefact and Unknown Fragments - YouTube

Elite Dangerous - (One) Unknown Probe Location Confirmed!

Elite: Dangerous Horizons - Engineers -- Unknown Probe Testing Merope

New research shows stronger EMP waves from the unknown probes

Discovering & Listening to the 'Ancient' probe 'Voyager' - Elite Dangerous - YouTube

Unknown probe

'Unknown probes' in Elite: Dangerous may mean the Thargoids are coming | PC Gamer

Elite Dangerous (PS4) Scanning an Unknown Probe

Guide to finding Unknown Probes

Elite: Dangerous Horizons - Engineers -- Unknown Probe Long Beam Transmission

Alien Series: "Unknown Probe"

Elite: Dangerous // Unknown Probe Directed Signal

The Unknown Probe shut down my ships! And Talked.

Unknown probes appearing throughout the bubble

Elite Dangerous Grabbing a Unknown Probe

This is my take away (updated!)

Elite: Dangerous - Free Floating Unknown Probe!

To make it simpler:

Unknown Probe signal beam towards Merope 5C?

Unknown Probe | Unknown Artifact Locations | Elite Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous - Unknown Probe 16/04/2017

Elite Dangerous: Unknown Probe reacts to scan

Elite: Dangerous - Unknown Probes - BBC Click Segment

Elite: Dangerous Horizons - Engineers -- Unknown Probe Retrieval

Educating Ed - Canonn and the Unknown Probe

Elite Dangerous - Unknown Probe Scan

Elite Dangerous: Horizons - Five Minutes of Unknown Probe [HD]

Finding an Unknown Probe

Elite Dangerous PS4 - How to Find an Unknown Probe

The Unknown Probe required more effort. They are apparently found around Ammonia worlds in the Pleiades Nebula. I found one at Pleiades Sector RO-Q B5-0 7.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons (v2.1.05) - Unknown Probe triggered by Unknown Artefact

New research shows stronger EMP waves from the unknown probes

Unknown Probe Experiments - EMP on Capital Ship

Finally found an Unknown Probe ...

Elite Dangerous Horizons (2.3) - Activating a Thargoid Base Ep 1 - Hunting the Unknown Probe

Unknown Probe close to Pleione 4

Elite Dangerous: Unknown Probe.

Pranking SWE with an Unknown Probe

Elite Dangerous 2.3 Commanders Messing With The Unknown Probe At Maia A 1

Elite Dangerous Tourist Destination #0684 Unknown Probe Code

Unknown Probe EMP #2

All I want is for a sodding Unknown Probe to spawn. Been waiting nearly an hour.

Unknown Probe in Elite Dangerous

Others say this is hogwash, and declare the image to be a map of the moon Merope 5c, where alien “structures” known as barnacles have already been ...

Blueprint Decoded Full Fresh Unknown Probe Sound Decoded Elitedangerous

Whale Probe

The playerbase is convinced, however, of the Thargoids imminent return. And these events do seem to suggest Frontier has something planned.

ScreenshotHunting ...

Station Services at Prospector's Rest showing no commodities market.

Unknown Probe Convoy Dialogue ...

Unknown Probe points to the Merope 5 C moon ...

There's a Scientific Installation there, with a satellite, that started talking.

Unknown Probe

A nice theory:

Space Tourism (Ep9) Taking Unknown Probe on Tour | Elite Dangerous

Image. “

When another commander applied a spectral analysis to the fuzzy, clicking audio the alien probes produced, he found that an image clearly appeared.

Pilots in Elite Dangerous [official site] have discovered a hidden map in an alien probe after scanning the probe and applying a spectral analysis to the ...

DISCLAIMER: The title on top of the image is an assumption: it is unknown if it's a SCOUT SHIP yet.

So, now with 2 Unknown Artefacts and 2 Thargoid Probes, I was ready to pursue 2 potential lines of investigation:

NASA admits: Someone Took Control Over Space Probe Voyager 2 And Sent Data In An

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CMDR Niamhy's

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HumorI ...

1981: A simulation of the space probe Voyager 2 preparing to leave our solar system

CMDR Niamhy's

I'm at 0,0. 120 degrees points to this (note 180 degrees separates 315 and 135) ...

Hellion: Trying to get a hang of crafting

Researchers say an anomaly in the orbits of distant Kuiper Belt objects points to the existence

Galactic Geologist – Issue 1

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Much more detail, covers the breaks in the structure, location of each of the input pads, and all known interactables.

Nicou on Twitter: "Unknown items have been renamed: ○ Unknown Probe = Thargoid Probe ○ Unknown Artefact = Thargoid Sensor… "

You can see one commanders run in with a probe in this video UNKNOWN PROBE

The Unknown Probe by Quintessence-Reality ...

Unknown Probe sound

Alien Probe or Galactic Driftwood? SETI Tunes In to 'Oumuamua

HERE you can DOWNLOAD the 13 min audio.

Astronomers hope that New Horizons could become the first spacecraft to explore the Kuiper Belt,

"Star Trek: Enterprise" The Expanse (TV Episode 2003) - IMDb

New player. What can I do about this?

Thargoid Data: USS Logging

Is Mysterious 'Planet Nine' Tugging on NASA Saturn Probe?

Secret codes, unknown objects, spooky signals might be precursor to alien invasion.

Alien hijacks NASA probe

Space Tourism (Ep9) Taking Unknown Probe on Tour | Elite Dangerous | Ghost Giraffe :3 | Pinterest | Space tourism