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Sabnzbd scripts

Sabnzbd scripts


First I create a “SABnzbd Scripts” folder and choose it's location for the “Post-Processing Scripts Folder” field

Under the “Switches” configuration I make two changes. I select the checkboxes next to “Abort jobs that cannot be completed” and “Check before download” The ...

Copy the code above, save to a file, for example convert.bat, put the file (convert.bat) in your Sabznbd Script folder.

Sabnzbd config folder.jpg

Post-Processing Scripts Folder: The only thing that we need to include here is where the autoProcessTV folder is. If you installed it in your home directory ...

I also change the Download (both temporary and complete) to my 2TB E:\ drive rather than leaving them on my SSD. If you have flexraid or some other NAS-type ...


Now copy the “sabToSickBeard.py” file and paste it into your “SABnzbd Scripts” folder (or whichever folder you specified in the sabnzbd config)

How to Turn Your FreeNAS Box Into an Internet PVR with SABnzbd and Sick Beard


When you go back to your SABnzbd config “categories” area you will now have the “sabToSickBeard.py” scripts as an option in the “Scripts” pull down in the ...


Browse to C:\Apps and make a new folder then rename it Cheetah, and select OK

The ...


Lost script options.

Under the tv category, choose Script. Select the sabToSickBeard.py option. Click Save on the end of the row once you're done.

No scripts options after update.

You might want to make the script(s) executable sudo chmod +x.

As you can see in the above screenshot the scripts folder seems to have been found ok by SaBNZBd as the sabtosickbeard.py script is clearly showing and ...



Download. Install SABnzbd with MacUpdate Desktop

Argument ...

Remember that “SABnzbd Scripts” folder we made in the SABnzbd setup, well it's time to use it. Open the extracted sickbeard folder, ...

SABnzbd normally worked for years. The only thing i changed is i add a postprocessing script (see: http://forums.sabnzbd.org/viewtopic.php ... 90#p103089)

Download. Install SABnzbd with MacUpdate Desktop

Configuring SABnzbd to Interact with Sick Beard


sabcategories.JPG761x210 37.8 KB

SABnzbd Step Five



Now just add the script to a category

downloads never finish, stay in queue, files disappear 0.6.5.

Post-Process Move/Remove/Rename (complete noob...)

I wrote a script to recognize and extract / move XBox 360 ISOs for use on JTAG / RGH boxes. Some screencaps of the output: ISO handler:

SABnzbd mIRC Stats v0.1 (PHP required!)

[BASH] Videogame Post-Processor (Xbox 360, Wii, etc)

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2.1.0RC1 RSS reject filter ignored

SABnzbd ubuntu access details check


... simply used the SABnzbd API to send a URL to the NZB file and it downloaded it that way. Why is all of this post-processing stuff, and scripts, ...

screen.jpg 161.5K

TV Download Dir: This is where you have SABnzbd store the completed files.


SABnzbd WebUI Downloader


Script and Processing can be left as Default."

SABnzbd Setup Wizard

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Downloaden met SABnzb is erg simpel.

sonarrdownloadclient.JPG441x706 32.7 KB

sabnzb container.jpeg

select language SABnzbd

SABnzbd Error Log

SABnzbd general security settings




SABnzbd Step Six

Honestly, I leave this section as is. You can play around with the naming pattern if you want, but I've found the default to be more than adequate for my ...

Under 'Maximum line speed', you can tell SABnzbd to take into account a certain download speed limit.

SickRage + Sabnzbd + Raspberry Pi = TVPi Part 2

General – SABnzbd Web Server

SABnzbd Step Three

SABnzbdPlus - SMPL Skin

Search NZBs: Of course! This is the whole reason we've been going through this setup! Come on!

SABnzbd Step Two

Add NZB file SABnzbd


Here is another. This one is very hard to troubleshoot since post processing works just great then just a minute later it will fail with no apparent ...


... Screenshot for Upload NZB files to SABnzbd in Philippines App Store

SickRage Post Processing


Setup SABnzbd



SABnzbd Step Seven

SABnzbd Step Four


SABnzbd installation on Ubuntu start


SABnzbd Download Process

SABnzbd Step One

SABnzbd: Add RAR password to queue for auto-extraction


SabNZBD category settings Image


SABnzbd install Ubuntu verify

Sabnzbd config categories.jpg

How to Turn Your FreeNAS Box Into an Internet PVR with SABnzbd and Sick Beard

... Screenshot #5 for Upload NZB files to SABnzbd ...

Download. Install SABnzbd with MacUpdate Desktop