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Rutorrent main window


can somebody please help me .



Rtorrent is a lightweight console BitTorrent client. It's in active development more then 10 years and show better performance then TransmissionBT.

Rtorrent + Rutorrent Auto Install Script 1.0.2



Install rtorrent 0.9.0 on Ubuntu

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ruTorrent is the latest front-end for rTorrent, and also our personal favorite. In active development, it accomplishes everything that uTorrent WebUI should ...

I installed rtorrent / ruTorrent a few days ago using this guide / script: http://forums.rutorrent.org/index.php?topic=608.0

Preview of Avalanche rTorrent Frontend

Screenshot 1 for Nativa

Новыми жертвами майнеров стали пользователи rTorrent

linuxville 2 5 Conky with rTorrent, Python by BadOmen02


How To Install libTorrent and rTorrent on Centos 5.6

rutorrent web-GUI для rtorrent



rtorrent is already running still getting this error Image



How to install rtorrent - Debian 7

First we need to enable the advanced setting, disable the blackhole setting and enable the rtorrent downloader.

had ...

See Rtorrent screen down and service up

Ubuntu 14/16 Debian 8 Seedbox Guide and Script [Archive] - Page 3 - Torrent Invites - Get your free bittorrent tracker invitations!


sonarr rtorrent

Instalar Rtorrent 0.9.6 + Rutorrent V.3.8 -Debian / Ubuntu - Ike-Auto Install (Updated)

... campaign that was taking advantage of a user configuration vulnerability in the rTorrent client, specifically misconfigured XML-RPC functionality.

Torrent meta-files can be loaded into rTorrent using the Backspace key. Auto-completion of directories using the Tab key and wildcards (example: *.torrent) ...

3. From the General configuration go to the Interface tab and scroll down to the bottom to the Web Interface section. Fill in the Username and Password you ...


Installation of rTorrent


Thanks ...

В сети находится множество манов как установить rTorrent + ruTorrent. Многие из них я использовал, но часто были какие то ошибки. В этот раз решил записать ...

sickrage rtorrent configuration

chmod 755 rtorrent chown root:root rtorrent cp rtorrent /etc/init.d/ update-rc.d rtorrent defaults /etc/init.d/rtorrent start Незабываем пробросить и/или ...


You should be asked for username and password to access website

Part 3 - Install and configure Plex

but i get this message any one can help .

Новыми жертвами майнеров стали пользователи rTorrent

ruTorrent front-end


apt-get install php5-xmlrpc rtorrent php5-sqlite sqlite libxmlrpc-c3 libapache2-mod-scgi screen

It will ask for yuor password , enter it . If u suspect that rtorrent is not running check

Pushbullet rTorrent Complete

Install rtorrent in ubuntu the easy way

Beware; rTorrent Client Exploited to Mine Monero Cryptocurrency

Для того, чтобы не лезть в консоль всякий раз, когда мне нужно добавить закачку, для управления rTorrent-ом я поставил веб-интерфейс ruTorrent.


I've been using the ruTorrent package on my Synology for a few years now and it suddenly started throwing an error.

WEB-интерфейс rTorrent

Type "root" (without quote) to login as and type your root's password provided.


rtorrent review & usage - Archlinux


Rtorrent wikiA more factor of a seedbox which is valuable is the reality that it will ...



view og started torrent list and trackerlist

best torrent apps and torrent downloaders featured image


Se ha actualizado la versión disponible de rtorrent en el repositorio de OpenWrt (en la rama trunk) a la 0.9.3. Esta sí soporta enlaces magnet.

Flood i rtorrent na QNAP TVS-471

MC - połączenie FTP

RTorrent xbmc

Figure 5. The Vim Editor

Here are my settings:

vpsbt1 vpsbt2

transmission resume torrent Lifehacker rtorrent synaptic

Connecting Via Transdroid

Installing rTorrent and ruTorrent on Ubuntu 10.04 Server


How to manage rtorrent with nTorrent free graphical user interface for rtorrent


Installer une seedbox avec rTorrent et rutorrent


yBeastie 12 16 tiling by linuxville

واجهة ruTorrent. برنامج التورنت rTorrent

Once the image was retrieved from the Docker registry - I fired up a container with Ubuntu 14.04 tools and installed screen, rtorrent , vim and htop.


Flood i rtorrent na QNAP TVS-471