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Resnet 50 tensorflow

Resnet 50 tensorflow


ResNet-50 GTX 1080 TI test results

Figure 11: Classifying dog species using ResNet, Keras, and Python.

[D] Is Tensorflow the fastest deep learning library now? : MachineLearning

... 11.

Announcing TensorRT integration with TensorFlow 1.7

Live demo of neural network classifying images

Compared to the CPUs, GPUs provide huge performance speedups during deep learning training. This is analyzed from the following bar chart. The ResNet -50 ...

... Feature representation; 25.


Exploring Neurons || Transfer Learning in Keras for custom data - Resnet-50

Xuedong Huang on Twitter: "Impressive CNTK's LSTM performance in comparison to all other toolkits such as @tensorflow… "

Quick complete Tensorflow tutorial to understand and run Alexnet, VGG, Inceptionv3, Resnet and squeezeNet networks


... FlashBlade BENCHMARK SETUP; 25.

Ltbv 20 Nvidia Tesla P100 (1, 2 GPUs)

图11:在不同GPU 平台运行ResNet-50 时,不同框架的表现对比

028. Конкурс Авито по распознаванию категории объявления (финальный этап) — Павел Блинов


... 17.

At the top of the second Inception-ResNet-v2 figure, you'll see the full network expanded. Notice that this network is considerably deeper than the previous ...

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Rob Emanuele on Twitter: "Training a ResNet50 FCN against IR/R/G + @geotrellis & @pdal generated DSM of Postdam @isprs data w/ @tensorflow ,@keras, ...

Ep-2.2: Linear Regression with Tensorflow || TFK-Deep Learning || Exploring Neurons

Here's what you wanted to know about this method (already available in TensorFlow), reprinted from two smart folks.

... #resnet50 #Radeon Frontier Edition vs Radeon #Vega56 TensorFlow 1.3, training, batch size 64, sgd basis. -> Total image/sec FE 138.84 and Vega56 107.98 ...

Achieving Deep Learning Training in Less Than 40 Minutes on ImageNet-1K (25 min)




Image Credit: François Collet

在使用TensorRT 3.0 之后,ResNet-50 处理图像的速度是CPU 的40 倍。

... #resnet50 #Radeon Frontier Edition vs Radeon #Vega56 TensorFlow 1.3, training, batch size 64, sgd basis. -> Total image/sec FE 138.84 and Vega56 107.98 ...

... up TensorFlow #deeplearning inference by 8x for low latency runs of the ResNet-50 benchmark. Learn more: http://nvda.ws/2uqE2hZ #GTC18pic.twitter.com/ ...


Tensorflow ...


TensorFlow's Object Detection API at work

This is the result of #Tensorflow's #tf_cnn_benchmarks with #resnet50 on Single AMD RADEON Frontier Edition. TensorFlow 1.3, batch size 64.

... 26.

... 25.

Resnet 50 by 2 trained from scratch for unsupervised depth estimation.


Keras Documentation

The following diagram shows the architectural design of TensorFlow Lite:

... 13. Horovod Example import tensorflow ...

Episode-1.2: Getting started with Tensorflow & Tensorboard-TFK-Deep Learning || Exploring Neurons

The Apollo 6500 Gen10 platform targets deep learning workloads and traditional HPC use cases involving complex simulation and modeling.


As Figure 2 suggests, you specify the input to a model through the feature_columns argument of an Estimator ( DNNClassifier for Iris).

Figure 10: Using ResNet pre-trained on ImageNet with Keras + Python (source).

resnet simplicity mnist

p2.8xlarge from AWS (1, 2, 4, 8 GPUs)

... 50.

Keras with Tensorflow back-end in R and Python Longhow Lam ...


Figure 1. Non-numerical features.



Figure 12: Classifying a ship wreck with ResNet pre-trained on ImageNet with Keras (source).



Object detection in the wild by Faster R-CNN + ResNet-101

neon v2.1.0: Leveraging Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512) - Intel AI

TensorFlow Tutorial #08 Transfer Learning

Figure 7: Tesla V100 Tensor Cores and CUDA 9 deliver up to 9x higher performance

阿里NIPS 2017 Workshop论文:基于TensorFlow的深度模型训练GPU显存优化

Variational Autoencoder

3. 很多研究员和工程师都遇到机器学习计算受限问题,我们认为Cloud TPU将成为一个极好的解决方案。例如:一个Cloud TPU能在24小时内训练 ResNet-50模型达到75%的精度。

Train the ResNet-50 model using Gluon

05:00AM EDT – 50 layer ResNet runs at 300 images/sec on V100 + TensorFlow. Run through TensorRT and performance moves to 5700 images/sec

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Keras is the most popular and easy to use open source high-level deep learning library/framework, that builds on top of Tensorflow and Theano.

This blogpost explains nine of the functions in this package. As Figure 3 shows, all nine functions return either a Categorical-Column or a Dense-Column ...

Deep Learning and Robots


Chainer vs. comparable AI tools

Также на GTC был анонсирован TensorRT для TensorFlow — оптимизированный для ...

Tensorflow tutorial

这几天AI 圈都在关注的深度学习库评测

Ltbv 17, 14, 16 GTX 1080 (2, 4, 8 GPUs)

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Ltbv 21, 18 GTX 1080TI (2, 4 GPUs)


Figure 2: Downloading the pre-trained ImageNet weights for VGG16.

#resnet50 hashtag on Twitter

Following is a comparison of FP16 and FP32 performances on the P100. There is around 13% speedup on average in this case.

... 小伙伴用inception-bn在imagenet上只需要50个epoch),网络inception-resnet-v2确实大,如此小的数据集上300 epoch大概也需要1天,不过对比tensorflow那是快多了。

As you can see, the AIRI stack is showing pretty linear performance as DGX-1 nodes are added, and that the first DGX-1 node is getting pretty close to the ...

Schematic diagram of Inception V3

TensorRT 3: Faster TensorFlow Inference and Volta Support | Parallel Forall