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Qgis edit field name

Qgis edit field name


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A shapefile is actually several files with the same name and different extensions. Choose ANSS_2014_US_minimal.shp :

Click "Rename" to change each column name, like so:

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QGIS knows hundreds of different projections, so type "utm zone 14" into the Filter window at the top to get matches. You'll see there are several results.

1101-I String Functions in QGIS

QGIS Field Pre Refactor.JPG

Error Message

See the documentation on QGIS Expressions for lots of great functions! For example, the geometry functions will calculate the area of all polygons using the ...

QGIS - Table Manager - Rename fields of shapefile attribute table


Refactor Fields tool

How to use a CSVT file to define field formats for a .csv file import ...

expression_builder_bug.jpg ...

Editing many wrong spellings in the attribute table with QGIS


Now save your edits and toggle editing mode off. Your shapefile now contains latitude and longitude columns making it more portable to other tools like ...

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This is an extreme example (which is entirely contrived on my part) of a common problem: you have spatial data in one table or shapefile, ...

In the FIELDS form, scroll down and double-click on FULL_NAME_1 ...


How to input python code for custom field edit method in QGIS 2.16? -or - Where is “init function”?

Go to Manage Layers Toolbar and click on the large COMMA icon to launch the ADD DELIMITED TEXT LAYER dialog.

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1. When I pick an animal and press ok the animal item is not written to the table. In QGIS it is databined to a column name Animal and the Edit widge ...

Edit columns in a layer in QGIS using table manager plugin

Add a new field to attribute table in QGIS

This incorporates the formula above, and then divides by 200,000 — which I found through trial and error gives a reasonable display.

qgis gazetteer plugin

... field calculator; 28.

QGIS add text data dialog

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Select and calculate area, length and perimeters of features in QGIS

(If your file is not a CSV you will have to select the correct delimiter, and if your latitude and longitude fields have other names, you may have to select ...

The classification process requires the collection of several ROIs (and several classes), therefore the land cover classification may have some redundant ...


2 ) Go to the MAP view of arc gis and then click File> Export Map. Choose file type as PDF and click Advanced tab. Select Export PDF layers and Features ...

Feature: Custom expression function editor¶

In menu click Plugins > Fetch Python Plugins. In the appearing dialog type in edit any in the the filter box to narrow down the list:

Attribute table from US States layer showing the name field.

Click SELECT to run the query. Return to the Attribute Table and use the drop-down on the lower left to SHOW SELECTED FEATURES.

Possibility 1 – label certain values with an expression

To access the attribute table, right-click the table or shapefile and select "Open Attribute Table." You will see the following:

Select and calculate area, length and perimeters of features

... qgis layout

QGIS-Edit Attributes through Layer Properties

Then QGIS crashes when I put the point. The terminal writes "Segmentation fault". When I eliminate fields that are repeated, then no crashes.

... "FCODE" = '10105', if( regexp_match( to_string(abs(if( "CONTOURELE" /( "CONTOURINT" *10)>100, ("CONTOURELE" /( "CONTOURINT" *10))/100- to_int( ...

HiDPI screen users will notice an improved user interface as more work has been done to upgrade icons to rely on SVG images. As of QGIS 2.16, all toolbars ...

Displaying my MongoDB Data


For ...


A. In SPIT window click on New for making new PostgresSQL connection.

QGIS - New Vector Layer options

The box that just opened should look like this and be filled in as shown: under File Name, browse through your computer to find your CSV file.

For QGIS to Database transfer take following steps, assuming that at least one layer is present in QGIS project:

Caution: Ensure that the FIRST RECORD HAS FILED NAMES record option is ticked. Since this layer does not have any geometry column, confirm that the NO ...

In my digging I found the refactor fields tool in QGIS. It's very similar to loading data into a database with ArcGIS for those of you stuck on that side of ...


In the menu Plugins select Edit Any Layer > Create Editable Layer. Select tour-de-france as input layer and chose a name for the output layer.


This will create a new shapefile with a field PNTCNT , giving the number of points in each cell in the grid. Again, give this a Google Mercator projection.


In QGIS go to Plugins > Plugin Builder

Split Layer by Attribute help.

Editable GeoCSV QGIS Plugin

From the bottom left drop-down menu, select COLUMN FILTER. Scroll right to the Columns List, then select the FIELD NAME you want to search in.

styling layers screenshot

The Add PostGIS Table(s) dialog, showing Lesson3db connection made and the nyc_poi

Style edit window

... field name (i.e. "PLACE"), an operation (=, +, <, etc.) and a specific feature (i.e. Wrightsville Beach). Click Select in the lower right hand corner of ...

... 15.

CUSTOMISED QGIS for Forest Change Detection

Step 2:

You should be familiar with this if you use QGIS. For a 'lineEdit' widget you don't need to change anything – in the next episode I will go over using ...

QGIS Quick Tip - Building a Processing Model

Read In The Geolocated Datapoints in QGIS

1.3 Polygonize the water band to receive a shape file containing the water polygons. Open Raster --> Conversion --> Polygonize and define a new .shp file.


QGIS Print Composer

Figure 4: The Select by expression window in the attribute table used to query for desired attribute in a data layer.

Search data to select boundaries

Select and calculate area, length and perimeters of features

Now click the button with a floppy icon to save the changes, and click the pencil icon to stop editing.

Edit a field's name and alias


Contour creation

Tutorial 2 for GIS Learning Basics | Geographic Data And Information | Areas Of Computer Science

The formula we are using to create a new field is:

When you choose a name to save it as it will give it that same name in the attributes table but you can always change that later.

Edit raster¶

You will see a new layer named Kalyan_buildings.shp in the QGIS canvas. Uncheck the Kalyan_buildings layer as we don't need that anymore.

widget.jpg (204.3 ...

Once connected, you can see a list of available datasets: