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Nxt snapshot

Nxt snapshot


SNAPSHOT - The Genesis. Nxt Foundation

CryptoMillion21 on Twitter: "All you need to know about the #NXT snapshot is in the infographic. 18 days to go till the #IGNIS Airdrop.

Hold 2 NXT • Get One IGNIS - Snapshot December 28 ...

https://www.ardorplatform.org/ardor-timeline/ardor-genesis-snapshot-ignis · https://www.ardor.world/en/

Take your share of this AIRDROP , OR CRY LATER !!!!!!! It is time to buy some NXT , and HODL ! Take a look :

NXT IGNIS ICO Snapshot date

... NXT Snapshot is finished to receive 0.5 IGNIS for every NXT coin in your wallet! We will let you know about more exchanges.pic.twitter.com/QGJfWE3mYw


15 NXT Snapshot on 28 Dec - Get Free IGNIS and SWIFT


You can check the last forged block (i.e block height) at nxtportal.org or by using your Nxt wallet: Snapshot countdown:

... $NXT holders https://support.bittrex.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003571832 … + the $ARDR and #Bitswift #blockchain upgrade: ...

Hold $NXT in your account and get free $IGNIS when the snapshot begin in Q3 2017. Buy low now! MORE info http://nxt.org/roadmap/ #Nxt #Ardor #IGNIS

All you need to know about the upcoming Ardor snapshot and Ignis airdrop : Ardor

Nxt News – January 2018 (I): Believe You Can And You Are Halfway There | NXTER.ORG

Source: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ardor-price/ipaidnnpbccoekihkcelmnnhnidhnpfd

... NXT blockchain has announced that all holders of NXT coin will be rewarded with IGNIS tokens after the upcoming Snapshot.NXT holders will be qualified ...

Ardor ist still in the Testnet phase and will launch in Q3 2017. All Ardor coins are already distributed throug a 3 month period snapshot of NXT that was ...

... amazing decentralised tool that knows no borders, no central authorities, no risks of fraud. With its API and hundreds of endpoint calls, Nxt is an easy ...

Sazan on Twitter: "All you need to know about: Ardor upcoming launch 1.1.2018 Nxt Snapshot 28.12.2017 Ignis Airdrop 28.12.2017-1.1.2018 $ARDR #Ardor $NXT ...

hitbtc supports the $NXT snapshot + $IGNIS #Airdrop https://blog.hitbtc.com/statement-on-the-upcoming-btc-hard-forks-and-ignis-airdrop/ …

Nxtguide on Twitter: "Very happy with the Nxt book 'Snapshot'. What an amazing work! :) #Nxt #Book #Snapshot #226pages #Ardor #IGNIS https://t.co/sXzNFcD3YY ...

Avoid Asset Exchange-, Monetary System-, and Nxt Marketplace scammers by simply using the ICO page.

Free $1000++ dari Ignis Airdrop (NXT Snapshot)

“Nxt at historical lows / support. Snapshot for Ignis, the first child chain of Ardor is Dec. 25th. Likely a good entry for ~2 month hodl.

Ardor Features vs Nxt Features

The NXT blockchain snapshot is just ten days away. New cryptocurrency IGNIS will be awarded - one for every 2 NXT when Ardor is launched on January 1.

Ardor Snapshot

... NXT and/or JLRDA/IGNIS we would have after the snapshot. I converted this to either USD or NXT (e.g. the amount of IGNIS multiplied with the estimated ...

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The market is now returning to normal after the mega Bitfinex hack. Today's major winners are Nxt (Ardor), Monero & DIGIXDAO

Exchanges Announce Support for NXT Snapshot / IGNIS Airdrop

How To Take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy On Nxt | J7 Prime

Sergei Chumak


NXT Hardfork 28 December 2017 - Free IGNIS Token


The AEX (btc38) management told me that they were preparing the implementation of the NXT snapshot.

Ardor Genesis Snapshot – Instructions for Exchanges


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The Ardor snapshot phase is over and the Ardor assets (ARDR) have been distributed. The amount of NXT in an account no longer influences the number of real ...

Sazan on Twitter: "$IGNIS ICO and $ARDR Genesis Snapshot The ICO will start on August 5, 2017. #ArdorBlockchain #Nxtblockchain $NXT https://t.co/plRFcKm8Cn… ...

If you have a Nxt (NXT) balance on Bittrex during the December 28, 2017, snapshot, you will be additionally credited the equivalent amount of Ignis airdrop ...

Start with 100'000 NXT, NXT/USD rate (not important) and the average JLRDA price in NXT calculated from the total JLRDA sold each round and price ...

NXT is a little interesting as this was already receiving a lot of trading activity and attention prior to the NXT block snapshot and IGNIS ...

Android app, mandatory upgrade, the #NXT snapshot, $ARDR Genesis, #ardordays, #AEUR #childchain, #media mentions, #markets, and more.

... get 0.5 $IGNIS per each $NXT 2. You will get 10% $SWIFT coins if you hold $IGNIS 3. The current price of $IGNIS is $1.10 at hitbtc.

Today, on October 13th, at block height 1000000, or 42 days before the Nxt blockchain's 3rd birthday, the Nxt 1.0 -> Nxt 2.0 snapshot period came to an end, ...

Snapshot de NXT el 28 de Diciembre recibe ignis gratis

Darcrus Swap — Nxt DAR to Waves DAR

You can view the result of the Q&A session in the following link: http://test.nxter.org/jelurida-qa-nxt-core-devs-mean-business

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Sazan on Twitter: "$IGNIS ICO and $ARDR Genesis Snapshot The ICO will start on August 5, 2017. #ArdorBlockchain #Nxtblockchain $NXT https://t.co/plRFcKm8Cn… ...


Block height for snapshot ...

NXT Trade update #1: schon x4 und IGNIS Snapshot in 2 Wochen

$NXT Snapshot here we go. Block 1636363 give me my ignis! #NXT #IGNIS $IGNIS #ARDRpic.twitter.com/XNM6Gb9hjF

Is this basically free money in the table?

I have just taken latest snapshot from both NXT wallet and Ardor testnet. Please support!!pic.twitter.com/Pj8B79vuCk

#Nxt #Snapshot block [ANN], $IGNIS #Airdrop, supporting #exchanges, press releases and #media mentions, #fintech #development #Decentralizedpic.twitter.com/ ...

NXT Moonshot? IGNIS Airdrop Coming Soon

beneficiarnos esta vez (por que estamos a tiempo)

Very happy with the Nxt book 'Snapshot'. What an amazing work! :) #Nxt #Book #Snapshot #226pages #Ardor #IGNIS ...

The IGNIS holder snapshot will be done on February 28th and distributed 1–3 March, this snapshot will be done for 1 day, so that IGNIS holders can trading ...


buy NXT for free ignis coin hold till 28th dec 2017

Here we go!

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Sazan on Twitter: "5 Million NXT bounty for $Nxt & $Ardor Forgers https://t.co/qqg3y1JQ6u #Nxtblockchain #Ardorblockchain #blockchain #bitcoin ...

Since July 2016, I've been using a Raspberry Pi 3 to run as a node for NXT. This was to take advantage of the NXT snapshot period that runs between 14th ...

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NXTER Magazine on Twitter


Bitcoin Correction, ICON Alert, NXT Snapshot On twenty eighth, Coinbase & Gdax Info!

Just take a look at NXT. All the features that NXT has will also be available for the Ardor child chains:

NXT is a little interesting as this was already receiving a lot of trading activity and attention prior to the NXT block snapshot and IGNIS ...



Using this interface, you can safely trade ARDR <->NXT on the Nxt blockchain itself. The interface is simple and intuitive to use.

ardor coin

Last week we wrote about NXT gearing up to take off ahead of the IGNIS airdrop, announced by Jelurida, the group of developers behind the NXT and Ardor ...

NXT va a tener u airdrop en Enero, con snapshot el 28 de Diciembre. El airdrop va a repartir los últimos millones de la nueva moneda de Jelurida (Ignis) a ...

Finally got my #Nxt #snapshot Numbered collector bookpic.twitter.com/bwcIIZVyHB

... nxt live riverside, ca Screenshot 5 ...


0.5 IGNIS per NXT, snapshot this Xmas season. The Genesis block is to be forged on Jan 1st, 2018.



How To Transfer $NXT to the Official Wallet


... 10. Ignis ICO Snapshot: NXT ...

Weekly NXT/ARDR/IGNIS Price Evolution

NXT, IGNIS, and ARDR on Lescovex Exchange

Walletnxt.com – Third-Party Wallet – Update

NXT Trade update #2: HitBTC dabei, folgt Bittrex und Poloniex ?

NXT Ingus Airdrop Happenned This Morning | Segwix2X on Track to Happen Roughly 2:30PM Central Time

Nice catch from Baron leads to a snake eyes on the railing. Bull attacks, but it doesn't lead to a countout - instead, it opens the door for a Red Arrow.