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Invalid rgba argument matplotlib

Invalid rgba argument matplotlib


enter image description here

Gives something like this: enter image description here

enter image description here


Fig 1 : enter image description here

enter image description here

Python Plotting with Matplotlib (Guide)

enter image description here

enter image description here

image of code below

Maybe this will make it clearer what I mean.


Allen et al. 2012, Fig. 3

enter image description here

Named Colors Example:

ValueError: to_rgba: Invalid rgba arg · Issue #157 · quantopian/alphalens · GitHub

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DataFrame plot method no long takes RGB tuple as color arg · Issue #16695 · pandas-dev/pandas · GitHub

The output will be enter image description here

Plotting three points using scatter results in wrong color - 1.4.3 · Issue #5377 · matplotlib/matplotlib · GitHub

Invalid RGBA argument, when creating pointplot · Issue #1263 · mwaskom/seaborn · GitHub

Python Pillow: Make gradient for transparency

dgruenew `scale_x_date` using deprecated arguments 5月前

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enter image description here. python plotly

Displaying Matplotlib RGB images

... enter image description here

Aesthetic mappings not consistent with ggplot2 · Issue #86 · yhat/ggpy · GitHub

This generates the following figure: the 3D plot colored according to z values

issue building gallery examples on Travis · Issue #2649 · scikit-image/scikit-image · GitHub

For a sequence of values to be color-mapped, use the 'c' kwarg instead. · Issue #8749 · matplotlib/matplotlib · GitHub

iPhone 6s screenshot

Error in demo scripts: to_rgba: Invalid rgba arg "2" in style_sheets_reference.py · Issue #8106 · matplotlib/matplotlib · GitHub

Mining Social media part 2


Password Reset Confirm View

He needs to find what the probability is, that the 11th person with a height of 172cm, weight of 60kg, and with long hair is a man.

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Axes Ticks and Orientations

Jörn's Blog


enter image description here

... results on demo image 2

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plot_trisurf: color and facecolor keyword · Issue #323 · JuliaPy/PyPlot.jl · GitHub


Pillow handles PNG files incorrectly


plotting in pandas is not picking the list of colors passed, it only gets the first value · Issue #16822 · pandas-dev/pandas · GitHub

All the above graphs were scatterplots. We can use the geom argument to draw other types of graphs.

Initial result for yellow color on Indoor image

Pillow handles PNG files incorrectly

Mining Social media data part 2

OpenCV Load Image



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8-bit Grayscale JPGs 4LYFE!



enter image description here

Building a Password Keychain Desktop App

click here for the test image

This is Image I want to watermark ...

enter image description here


As you can see, all the three bands are distributed evenly now. Their relative distribution to each other is the same; however, in the image, ...