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Invalid registration token check the token format firebase

Invalid registration token check the token format firebase



After runnig the project, just copy the FCM Token, followed by directly going to Firebase Console, which has put the token followed by the images.


Below is an example where I have used a separate table for user id and FCM token.


In the second screenshot, you can set the Title and also send messages based on filter like all devices/groups/particular device, adjust time for your ...

FCM XMPP Errors (Cont'd) ...

If your JSON format is invalid, it will give an error else you'll receive an acknowledgement of Firebase Push notification successfully sent.

Android firebase


... you should check is the Logs in the dashboard. It will show you if a device was properly registered for pushes and if/when a push was successfully sent:

How to Get Device Token In Xcode IOS



Android firebase


enter image description here

Look to screenshot: Creating new topic via Advanced rest client


APNS Prerequisites Tokens

Firebase Cloud Messaging for Android Tutorial - Sending Token to Server #6

Select CLOUD MESSAGING tab and copy the Server Key required for Google FCM testing.

... token present in 'deviceTokens' table. firebase real-time database snapshot

Get Firebase Device Token for Single Device Notifications; Android Tutorial

Firebase Push Notifications - Xcode Project Setup

Firebase database structure

FCM HTTP Errors (Cont'd) ...

Basic Auth Flow

Bundle Identifier ID

Network requests breadcrumbs

Ionic 3 - Firebase Email Login/Authentication

Content-Type: application/json for JSON; application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=UTF-8 for plain text.

Save to Desktop

Android firebase

Firebase Cloud Messaging Push Notifications using the Android, PHP, MYSQL PART 1/2 - YouTube

Android Push Notifications using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), PHP and MySQL

When inside the Keychain Access app make sure you are exporting the key and the certificate:

Android firebase

Send OTP to registered number

Xcode Generals tab

Getting Started with Firebase Cloud Messaging Guide for Chrome Push


PS. Written by me

Generating a refresh token for YouTube API calls using the OAuth playground

enter image description here

For more information about Apple's push notification steps, check out our Push Notification docs.


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Firebase cloud messaging from Server in IOS 11, Swift 4? · Issue #354 · firebase/quickstart-ios · GitHub

Phone authentication(using firebase and swift 3)


Firebase Messaging Services

Xcode Build Settings tab

Click Add filter to add more specific filters:

Multi-server Cookie Auth Flow is Broken

OneSignal Screenshots

Firebase Cloud Functions Concept

Copy the API KEY. You'll need to enter this on your server later.

... example).

Upload CSR File

Uploading Developer .P12 File

To turn on the send push notification feature you go to the Push Notifications tab and check the Enable push notifications box: 1st

After authentication is complete and a valid token is received, your application is responsible for managing authorization based on the customer's profile.

Chrome - Enable Action Buttons and fill in the parameters below. Click Add Another to add a second button:

Ultimate Mobile Kit for iOS & Android - Firebase - Unreal Engine Forums

If you exclude a segment all the users in the excluded segment that match users in the targeted segment will NOT get notifications.

Export the certificate (click on My Certificates in the left side bar of Keychain Access ). Then right click on the certificate matching the name of your ...

Dive into your user data, no matter how many users you have

Key icon

... Registration Token Send Message; 4. Message Parameters; 5.

Error during login process

PHP Token Based Authentication

Certificate Information

Restart your browser or close tabs to your site

Picture of Add Database Secrete Key to Arduino Sketch

iOS initialization gives "Invalid key in checkin plist" error · Issue #1508 · phonegap/phonegap-plugin-push · GitHub

Add iOS Certificate


Each segment shows the filters used to create the segment and the total user count of that segment.

Ultimate Mobile Kit for iOS & Android - Firebase - Unreal Engine Forums

Where can I find my app's messageable user count?

Download Certificate

Based Authentication

React Native App with Authentication and User Management in 15 Minutes

Ultimate Mobile Kit for iOS & Android - Firebase - Unreal Engine Forums

Firebase Console

Within a second or two, the Xcode console should display your device's unique token. Copy it and save it for later.


Browser incorrect registration Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) · Issue #1818 · phonegap/phonegap-plugin-push · GitHub