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Index of wso php

Index of wso php


PHP Web shell

Through that POST, a new file (wso.2.5.1.php) was uploaded. As I've seen a lot of hacks in the past years, I already knew that this will be a WSO PHP Shell.

... 111.php;.jpg ...

Symlink [Auto-Root]

Jijle3 Web [PHP] Shell v0.1 - 2015 - Priv8

Wso Shell views: 7615 downloads: 3045

picture4.jpg, 2014-10-17 00:50, 18K. wso.php ...


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new 2016 wordpress exploit

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wso.php ...

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Deface. ...

Premium Wso Shell views: 11821 downloads: 5984

hacked by nofawkx

lndex.php authentication

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06-Mar-2014 ...

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Mailer owa.php: https://pastebin.com/raw/iRzY38S8 Drop email: wso .mrone[at]gmail[.]compic.twitter.com/Ahk7EV2xb1


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20-Feb-2014 02:05 216K zoom_a.php;_.jpg.jpg 06-Oct-2015 05:06 6.3K zoom_about.PhP.jpeg 27-May-2017 02:40 6.3K zoom_ads.php.orion.jpg 03-Jun-2014 23:51 6.3K ...

... WSO.php on the list; 12.

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... wso.php.jpg

Parent Directory · 1.php.jpg ...

From this↑Control panel the malware-crooks manage to make new directory with redirector HTML file or adding the infector PHP/HTML files contains malicious ...

Bypass Kcfinder :v :v

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... wx.php

... The Control Panel/Webshell WSO (Important Info, Click to Enlarge) *) File OP, upload/mkdir & setting permission were executed from this UI.

Exploit Pack; 29.

17-Jan-2014 00:45 48K wso.php.jpg 29-Apr-2014 16:53 2.0K worm1.PhP.jpg 22-Dec-2015 17:13 2.0K worm.phtml.jpg 22-Dec-2015 17:11 2.0K worm.php;.jpg ...

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Wso 2.5.1 Php Shell

Ioncube V8.2 + Php Auto - Fixer Decoder views: 4671 downloads: 451

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Index of /wpmembers/wp-content/uploads/2013/march Parent Directory 20-Unique-Minisite-Templates.zip CopywritingChampion.zip Juicy-WSO-Graphics.zip ...

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suPHP principle

رفع شل في Joomla! 2.5.6 - YouTube

ShellCodes and Exploits City

salam. ...

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... The PoC of the infector codes are as below snapshots: ...

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Скрин WSO 2.5 веб-шелла:

Php Script views: 3494 downloads: 1141

JPG ...

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r57 Shell

Fucking Shell PHP FUD by LaFamily

pumpy.jpg ...

... wso.php;.jpg ...


The obfuscator works by running the initial PHP code through a series of stages involving PHP's str_rot13, gzinflate and base64_decode functions.


... akan di Index oleh mesih pencari seperti Google Bing dan Yahoo dan inilah trick defacer-defacer untuk menaikan peringkat mereka di Mirror Defacement.

... The Control Panel/Webshell WSO (Important Info, Click to Enlarge) *) File OP, upload/mkdir & setting permission were executed from this UI.

06-Mar-2014 ...


... gege.php ...

Roseland. ...

zimg_17.jpg ...

حصريا تحميل شل wso معرب و مشفر من أغلب الحمايات wso arabic

Google is currently a world leading search engine. Making your site appears on goggle will mean that you site will be in a position to viewed by millions of ...

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Anon Priv9 Shell views: 8464 downloads: 3671

... that many of the actions of the script are to download and install malicious scripts from remote locations, including the previously found wso. php.