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I3bar vpn

I3bar vpn


Here is an illustration of what I'm referring to ...

[ubuntu][i3] Any suggestion for a fappier statusbar? Also what do you tiling wm people use for notifications? I keep forgetting to plug my laptop in and I ...

Here's an example.

You just need an X server. I used vcxsrv to try it out. I run i3 on all my Linux machines and tried it out in WSL like my awesome coworker Brian Ketelsen ...

(Screenshot) git, synergy, htop, urxvt

(Screenshot) dzen2, VIM, bash, top

I currently have conky, dmenu, i3bar, i3status, and xscreensaver running along with i3wm.

Petter A. Kvalsvik ( @pkvals )

1x AMH a40u (3840x2160@60) 1x Acer x223w (1680x1050@60) The 4k monitor is actually the reason I switched to i3.


ZdEJqJom.png OOkCaYbm.png

ZdEJqJom.png ...

i3 with VIM, git, MPlayer, i3bar


i3 Desert sunset (scrot) (+1 ...

[i3+MATE+tmux] Minimal, not primitive : unixporn

Use nm-applet to set up a new VPN connection. If you've installed the OpenVPN plugin, you'll see OpenVPN as an option in the dropdown.



Eli Heuer ( @elih.photos )

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screen cast series thumbnail

Using the i3 windows manager in Fedora


I use polybar and try to be a bit minimalistic.

Configuring i3 window manager (I3WM) on debian (Jessie) lenovo thinkpad x260

vhs autumn ( @t3qno60mhz )

1.98 MB JPG

用CrossOver 集成好的QQ 方案,同#10 楼,不能保存密码,可以保存账号。截图和win 上无差别。



Amir dotamir


Please help me get my giant, misplaced Keepass2 tray icon, in place - Imgur

c0d3fr34k. ⓒⓞⓓⓔⓕⓡⓔⓐⓚ ( @c0d3fr34k )


A bash script to randomize the ...

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Sobald aber die VPN.StrongVPN OpenVPN Client Google Play softwares available for free download. As one of the first VPN providers,.


I got a Vortex Pok3r ...

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Eric Davis insanum

[XFCE] Vaporwave ...


Playing with my new toy. #FreeBSD #X1Carbon #i3wm

Mike Kane ( @bytesofcode )

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другая ...

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Softmax regression model training #python #neuralnetwork #project #linux #manjar #i3wm

Using Swap and hibernate on an SSD: Why do it?


NCP's Next Generation Network Access Technology SSL VPN – the alternative Remote Access technology to IPsec.

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My RPi 3 which runs Open VPN Server and PiHole. (I love PiHole BTW

Ubuntu ain't as bad as i make it sound. when it all boils

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#nikond5300 #nikkor50mm @penpalproject18 my letter is complete. Posting it tomorrow.

Musala Room

Nikhil Kumar

In Conclusion Attacking targets on the internet today is much more complex than it used to be. Exploits require knowledge of tons of frameworks, languages, ...

Какой темой VIM для терминала Вы пользуетесь?


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Access to Ubuntu ArmV7's repositories for tens of thousands of applications off the bat.


Asus Tinker Board


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Dom Williams DomWilliams0

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It's all about the lens.

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