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Hyperslap definition

Hyperslap definition


FTP022: DMT: Crazy Psychedelic or Portal to Other Dimensions? - YouTube

The internet has enabled McKenna's lectures – and, in turn, his fascinating descriptions of the DMT experience – to circulate among the curious and ...

... 'Alpha Centauri', ...

Digital ...

DMT's influence can also be seen in the paintings of Adam Scott Miller, in pieces such as ' ...

... Cubed' and 'The Space Between'. Here are some examples of my own artwork influenced by DMT. They are very crude representations of the DMT experience ...

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SalviaDroid, whose digital art originally focused on salvia's influence (hence his name), soon drew on the DMT experience for inspiration.

Pre-flight Anxiety? Nervous jitters before you smoalk? Read this thread. : DMT

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Sacred Earth 2016 Tier 1 Artist Announcement



Imagine if every single thing we know about the known universe, from knowledge to the memories of every human being that has ever existed, are all in one ...


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Interview – Ross Fraser McLean – Capturing Mexican Death Rituals Through Photography

The Great Sandy Desert. I turned around and saw a few Indigenous Australians running towards me. They were saying "He's here! He's finally here!".

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Harold und Maude


I Get It Now: Beyond The Breakthrough (Level 2) - DMT Experiences - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus


Engraved my DMT pipe, pretty proud of ...

Could it be? Quick google landed me on this thread compiling first time DMT experiences that included Ganesha.





Interdimensional parasites, (alien, demon, etc) - DMT Experiences - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

Kirlian photo of a hemp leaf.

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Interview – Denis Forkas Kostromitin – Exploring Death Through Occultism And Art

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[Rebuild Tuesday] Luxray : pokemon


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When you're tripping balls but trying to have a normal ...

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Out of body adventures – the legitimacy of OBE

Interview by Sofia Raisanen for Keyframe-Entertainment / Evolver EDM

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/x/ - Paranormal » Thread #14322974

We were challenged to climb the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales respectively, all within 24 hours... we did it in 23hrs 53mins and raised ...

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There is only 1 way to "disrespect the spice",



As you can see, the stress initially mimics the heat pattern used to create the 'T' seal, however after annealing, the stress pattern is gone.

The last thing I want to point out that may be a good thing to consider is a non-slip mat. Something that you can put your glass on and your other tools ...

Figure 13. Features indexed by a table

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a) Dataset 1: data

Perhaps it's a reference to the comedian, Chester Draws


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Ronnie Rael

Dev:Null image 1

Figure 3. Data layout before and after a read operation

Art: Wheel of Fortune by Mark Henson. “

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and text

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After annealing (viewed through polariscope)

How and why has this particular Ayahuasca ceremony in Honduras been different than your prior ceremonies?

Quantum holography shows that the shape of a photon is the same as the shape of the Knights Templar's Cross : conspiracy

[Image] The best people.

Figure 4. Moving data from disk to memory


Etwas weiter rechts von der beschriebenen Szene war ein weiteres rotierendes Gebilde, welches so extrem trippig aussah, dass es schon fast kitschig war.

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