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American Colony: Meet the Hutterites


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Image detail for -The Hutterites by Larry N. Bolch

3 generations of Hutterites

The Hutterites Lisa and Claudia Hofer taking a break from plucking chickens. | American Colony: Meet The Hutterites | Pinterest | Lisa

Hutterites: The Nine…Things You Need To Know

Young Hutterite women hanging out on a Winnipeg street


A Hutterite wedding

The Hutterites are a peaceful and industrious agrarian Anabaptist sect founded by Jacob Hutter (d. 1536). The live in large farming communities in Western ...

Hutterite girls ...

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Book tells story of nine former Hutterites' lives in and out of colonies

Hutterite culture is something new to me; somewhat exotic and mysterious. Their presence is Swift Current is very tangible, immediately evident by their ...

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A simple life: Kelly Hofer spent nearly all his life documenting life inside the Hutterite

Springwater Colony Barn Builders

Montana Hutterites key to region's hog industry



From Kelly Hofer's book, Hutterite.

Hutterites have always lived isolated lives to guard against the influence of outside society, but

These nine ex-Hutterites left their colonies seven years ago. In the back row, from left, are Darlene Waldner, Sheryl Waldner, Cindy Waldner, Karen Waldner, ...


Young Hutterite women Claudia Hofer, Kristy Hofer, Tammy Hofer and Marie Hofer ride on

Happy, healthy, beautiful Hutterite children. | Amish | Pinterest | Child and Beautiful people

Hutterites Paws Up

Greg Fulmes for National Post

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A BBC Two documentary offers an insight into the world of the the Hutterites, a

Hutterites #1

Schmiedeleut Hutterites at school in Crystal Springs Colony, Manitoba, Canada

Hutterite Girls | by IowaYoder Hutterite Girls | by IowaYoder

Wedding picture

UPDATED: Alberta exempts Hutterites from Bill 6

Hutterite Children | by abbenquesnel Hutterite Children | by abbenquesnel

I photographed the faces that moved me, not just any faces, but the faces. "


American Colony: Meet The Hutterites - Jeff Collins Interview

15072015.Kaitlyn Wurtz takes a break while swimming in Deerboine Colony's spring-fed swimming

Follow Meet the Hutterites: Facts

Minister Jacob Waldner with Jeanette Waldner, Geneva Hofer, and Jolene Waldner-- new kitchen-church building in background.

Growing up a Hutterite

Video Gallery for American Colony: Meet the Hutterites - National Geographic Channel

“ Millbrook Hutterite Colony ”


Members of the Hutterite community play with Raghad (left) and Ali.

Ask Linda Maendel about the Hutterites

Members of the Cayley Hutterite Colony are shown with Margot Paul Anderson on Aug. 23

Photo supplied Nine former Hutterites who fled their communities seven years ago are promoting a pair


Montanans depend on Hutterites for production of local eggs

There are some 45,000 Hutterites living in North America - most of them in western Canada

Grow Hope Hutterites

... he is getting older and retiring from some of his commitments, but also because there are now a number of Hutterites who can do the job themselves.

Hutterite women return from working in the fields at sunset.

Marvin and Sara Hofer are among the families featured in American Colony: Meet the Hutterites

Hutterite children ...

Canada - Day Five - Dinosaurs and Hutterites


hutterite girls hutterite ice cream cone children 07_HutteriteExhibit

Tim Hofer, centre, is manager of the meat facility at the Pine Haven Hutterite

Hutterite Appreciation Day 3

Dora Maendal of Fairholme (Man.) Hutterite Colony and Goshen (Ind.)

Hutterite musical evening

Hutterite couple - Stock Image

A group of Hutterite men at the Wset Edmonton Mall. It was probably their first

Hutterite Judy Hofer

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Meet the Hutterites colony who stepped up to sponsor the Al Hamoud family from Syria


Hutterites #3

Lajord Hutterite Colony


Explaining the rules

Kelly Hofer: 'I genuinely love the culture and I think there's a lot of things the outside world could learn from the Hutterites.' Photograph: Kelly Hofer

Hutterites of Montana

Hutterites from the Parkland Colony survey the flood zone in High River, Alta. on Saturday June 22, 2013 after the Highwood River overflowed its banks.

Hillside ...

The Hutterites in Canada: “Communitarians Are We”

It takes a village: Mariko Kikuta chats with Hillary the guard dog.

Hutterite teacher Martin Waldner carefully monitors students in the German School.

... they're not midgets) at the fascinating — and friendly — Kingsbury Colony of the Hutterites, located about 60 miles north of Great Falls, Mont.