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How far can I park from a fire hydrant

How far can I park from a fire hydrant


This diagram shows the distance you can park from a fire hydrant to avoid a NYC

New York - Council Members David Greenfield (D-Brooklyn) and Daniel Dromm (D-Queens) have introduced bills that would create as many as 100,000 new parking ...

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ABOVE: City vehicle parked in no-parking area in front of fire hydrant on 11/10/2010

This image shows how to measure the distance between your car and a fire hydrant

It is illegal to park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. Just don't try it no matter what state you're in, because if there's a fire, it's goodnight for your ...

pennsauken fire hydrant

Pfg violation square

fire hydrant parking

This must be the best illegal parking spot in Bloomingdale, this is the 3rd car there today. What fire hydrant?

... fire hydrant parking distance. 20110521-023736.jpg


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Think ...

can you park in front of a fire hydrant

Firefighter Christopher Santana's Cadillac SUV, with Bravest vanity plate (below), sits just

... Don't Park Next to a Fire Hydrant

We've all thought about it before. Why can't we just park in front of the fire hydrant? Do fire fighters really need all that space to hook up their giant ...

ABOVE: City vehicle parked in no-parking area between disabled space and fire hydrant on 11/10/2010

Why can't you park within 15ft of a fire hydrant in New York, since it seems as though when fire trucks do arrive they do not use the specific space ...

Do not stop or park within 5 metres from fire hydrants, measured from either side

How Much Is a Fire Hydrant Parking Violation Ticket In New York City?

This is a Google Map image of the fire hydrant that generates the most revenue for. Fire hydrant parking tickets will ...

The Fire Hydrant That Earned NYC $33,000 a Year Is No More

Firefighters faced with a dangerous blaze (and what blaze isn't?) have no time to shift inconveniently parked vehicles, pick door locks, or thread hoses ...

58 150x140 parkingticket Day Two Consisted of Dylans Candy Bar, World Trade Center, and

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Just remember, don't park in front of fire hydrants.

The Boston Fire Department tweeted out a picture of the BMW parked so close to a

Councilman wants new hydrant markings • Brooklyn Paper

Also, if there is a fire, you car will be unable to move for the duration. Then there's this…

Parking near a fire hydrant

This is a Google Map image showing the hidden fire hydrnt and a parking ticket on


Parking enforcement officer Matt Miller walks off how far away this car is from this fire hydrant on lower Queen Anne on Tuesday May 25, 2004.

To the idiot who parked in front of the hydrant... you better realize how nice the fire fighter was not to break the windows to get the water!


This guy collects fire hydrants

Can you park in front of this fire hydrant?

NYC fire hydrant and parking permitted sign

parking examples parking examples

Sign Authorizing Parking? Check again.

nice illegal parking and passenger that wasn't aware that bashing the door into the fire hydrant would leave a dent. Yup, watched it happen.

Q: How close can I park to a fire hydrant?

Can you park within 15 Feet of these 2 NYC Fire Hydrants? • New York Parking Ticket

Fire Hydrant too close to driveway (San Antonio, Seguin: insurance, house, construction) - Texas (TX) - City-Data Forum

Can you beat a fire hydrant ticket when the fire hydrant is hidden from view?

Councilman Wants Paint To Show How Far From A Hydrant You Must Park « CBS New York

The most-ticketed fire hydrant is 31 Elm St., across from the Delta

Fire hydrant car park square

no parking zone painted around orange and red fire hydrant on street in Nashville Tennessee USA

Photograph by Claudia Gavin

The Truth about Broken Fire Hydrants & Parking Tickets

How Far Do You Have To Park From A Fire Hydrant?

Can I park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant with a NYC PPPD?

Another illustration shows a parking job too close to a fire hydrant. Needless to say, this is shunned as it could pose an obstacle to firefighters needing ...

Toronto's most ticketed fire hydrant

Five tips for avoiding a parking ticket

inflatable fire hydrant, prank fire hydrant, inflatable parking spot fire hydrant

You can't park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant – event those without

Driver learns the hard way never to park in front of a fire hydrant.

2 State Test by the #'s 10' The distance you must park from a fire hydrant. 50' The distance you must park from a stop sign. 25' The distance you must stop ...

If you want a visual aid:

Photo Gallery

Think you can't park there? Take a closer look at that Philly fire hydrant

The rules are: parking diagram

ped ramp ticket nyc Parking ...

Well, the vehicle with NYPD on the dash that had been illegally parked for two weeks blocking a fire hydrant at 172nd St and Hillside Avenue turns out to ...

fire hydrant no parking curb in residential area of celebration florida usa

What Happens When You Park in Front of a Fire Hydrant in Boston.

Traffic Enforcement Agent Blocks Fire Hydrant During A Fire

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Mike and his parking ticket antagonist — the dreaded fire hydrant.

Elgin police have ticketed 22 people since June 2014 for parking too close to this fire

This guy visits the neighbors pretty often and always insists on parking in front of my house. Yeah, I know the street is public property, but why not park ...

Ottawa fire hydrant, parking fines

Don't do this! Parking in front of fire hydrants is a surefire ticket

Jonathan Lai/Staff Writer

Non-painted curb (people park right next to the hydrant all the time):

Because this will happen:

So that begs the question: can you legally park in front of a hydrant if there is a protected bike lane between you?

Parking adjacent to fire hydrants

Parking violation: Lindsay Lohan seemed completely oblivious of the huge yellow fire hydrant as she

Julia Terruso / Staff

... Toyota Land Cruiser Parking Next To A Fire Hydrant | by thienzieyung

How Close Can You Park to a Fire Hydrant?

Parking near Fire Hydrants