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Homebrew 23cm antenna

Homebrew 23cm antenna


This antenna has worked very well indeeed in practice. It has an excellent front to back ratio, and is very pointy! You need a lot of elements to get a lot ...

reflector - radiator end

Short DL6WU yagi for 23cm

23cm 15 ele DL6WU

DSCF3774.JPG1024x475 70.2 KB

Yagi bits

23cm quad loop

The antenna is in the box now. The N-connector is fastened with stainless bolts and nuts.

Bi Quad Feed

The HB9CV is finished. The small tuning capacitor allows you to get a correct 50 ohm match.

... 25 dbi ...

folded dipole radiator

23cm band Quarter Wave Ground Plane Antenna for 1296MHz

Finished 12el 23cm Yagi ready for SOTA action!

[ IMG]

Latest update: small wooden block glued to the boom

Click the image to view construction details of the 70MHz quarter wave ground plane antenna.

Reflector and 10 director elements stored in a blank section

... This is a picture of me with some antennas I built. the one on the right is what we build our 23cm beam's from. The one I'm holding up is a 16el ...

Antenna comparision of various 23cm ...

Click here|Panel antenna with 6 elements for 23cm,F8BYC|Disclaimer

... antenna (it's obvious that axis of feed and longer axis of ellipse of dish are perpendicular to each other). The results were surprisingly very well :-)

test driver board

Home brew 20 Element 23cm yagi.

See figure 7.

A Hybrid Quad Directional Antenna for 23 cm

The antenna is mounted in my pole, just below the 23cm LNC. Both are

23cm Bi-Quad top down view

lora_jp_001.jpg800x533 39.4 KB

marking the center line on opposing faces of the boom

[ IMG]

A container for 23cm biquad antenna

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M0DTS - 2m parabola pro EME před a po dokončení. Nahrávky některých stanic během závodu: LX1DB (weak ssb), OK1CA, SM4DHN, G4CCH.

2m diameter dish antenna

2m lambda loop

GB3VL over 77Km path with homebrew 23cm double Quad antenna.

23cm B-Quad antenna homebrew construction

enclosed collinear

WA6VJB 23cm 3el PCB Yagi

thee 1296 MHz folded dipoles

Receiving GB3VL over 77Km path with homebrew 23cm double Quad antenna

xIMG_0788.JPG1024x768 72.6 KB

loop detail

222mhz Antenna is a homebrew 7 element yagi which I built and designed from ground up.

1296 MHz 23cm 1/4 wave ground plane antenna complete and ready for portable operations

... 15 element Yagi, 16 dbi ...

Click to enlarge


You could move the driven element up on the boom and drill two holes, but it just happened to work out that the center of the square wood allowed for the ...

UB9MAR Alexander has sent me photo his realisation of this antenna and Hams from 22dx.ru forum

70cm 8 ele DL6WU

LA3UHG slotted waveguide antenna

{short description of image}

Front view of my fully assembled 23cm ATV transmitter.

A circularly-polarized omnidirectional antenna

70 cm vertical antenna

Solid Brass 6el 23cm Yagi antenna for SOTA | Get out of the Radio Shack and Live Life

23 cm antenna connected to the SWR meter

SG-Lab all mode 2.5 watt 23 cm Transverter version 2.3. The parcel arrived after 13 calendar days between Bulgaria and Canberra Australia, ...

Coax fed OCF 'Windom' antenna

Andrew VK1AD | Amateur Radio | 23cm 1296 MHz | 13cm 2.4 GHz | Summits on the Air

WA5VJB 23cm 3el PCB Yagi

The driven element is 12ga house copper ground wire. (WA5VJB used 10ga wire, but it shouldn't make any difference). I had some excess on the shelf in the ...

Ham radio home-brew DIY stealth antennas, Full ham band coverage from 80m to 23cm

Click to enlarge

Construction ...

The finished End Fed Half Wave antenna coupler.

VK1AD – 23cm yagi elements cut to length


But I was not quite satisfied with the 23 cm uplink performance. In autumn 2003 I then bought a dual band helix feed constructed by DD7MH which has 2 x 3 ...

SG-Lab 23 cm transverter is supplied with a 2el HB9CV yagi antenna


70cm Vertical Antenna.

Double sided PCB – antenna reflector marked out 231 x 116 mm

Mark out the center of the reflector and drill a 2 mm pilot hole.

23cm Transverter

23cm HB9CV antenna

23cm HB9CV yagi antenna finished


The antenna disassembled. It can be put together in 30 seconds!

view down the length of the 23cm yagi, I'm pretty pleased with the alignment of each element, my eyesight hasn't failed me yet!

End Fed Half Wave Antenna Coupler Schematic – 7-30MHz

VK1AD – solid brass DL6WU 6el 23cm yagi

ADS-B ground plane antenna

(click to enlarge)

Yagi_23cm_21el.jpg417x1346 ...

... antenna when you place it in the fiberglass or PVC radome cover. The spacers should be attached to the midpoint of the element with a small amount of ...

Two antenna booms – left boom will have space behind the reflector as a hand-held antenna. Right boom will have a tripod mount arrangement

See figure 1.

Marking out Reflector, Driven and Director element positions on each boom