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Holomonitor 4

Holomonitor 4


Phase Holographic Imaging HoloMonitor application note on Label-free Cell Motility ...

HoloMonitor M4 Product Video

PHIAB HoloMonitor M4 - Full Overview

Holomonitor M4

File:HoloMonitor M4 in Cell Incubator.jpg

HoloMonitor - Holographic Time-Lapse Imaging Cytometer

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The HoloMonitor® time-lapse cytometer monitors changes in cell morphology and cell counts non-invasively over time. The analysis includes data for both ...

Phase Holographic Imaging HoloMonitor application note on Label-free Cell Motility; 2.

Featured Applications

Macrophage Response to Polarization, by Northeastern University


View Apoptosis Using The Holomonitor M4


Key Features


Exploded view of the Mark V HoloMonitor. The upper internal level contains the optics, and the lower internal level contains the electronics.

The HoloMonitor software allows for a host of manipulations of the data to quantify changes in cell shape in three dimensions, ...

Cell motility

HoloMonitor software demo - image capture

Cell video recorded by Holomonitor M4

... design changes necessary for HoloMonitor to among other things be able to tolerate the hot and very humid incubator environment without disruptions.

HoloMonitor M4: holographic imaging cytometer for real-time kinetic label-free live-cell analysis of adherent cells

Live MCF10A Human Mammary Epithelial Cell Motion Seen Using The Holomonitor H4

Cell lines used with HoloMonitor M4

As all HoloMonitor applications, the wound healing assay is cell-friendly and based on label-free live-cell imaging.

... Holographic Imaging; 3.

View Cell Division Using The Holomonitor M4

Today, HoloMonitor systems are in use in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia and their uses and benefits have been described in a long series of ...

“The HoloMonitor ...

Cell Friendly and Incubator Compatible

Mario Kart N64 on HoloMonitor


Figure 3. The drug PLX4032 influences cell area and volume differently in the human melanoma




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M4 XYZ motorized stage

M4 HoloMonitor Scatter Plot

1st Video on a BYU HoloMonitor

Ideal for ...

Holo Monitor

... Plot of chemotaxis cell tracks created by the HoloMonitor from Phase Holographic Imaging

Reliable ...


HoloMonitor Time-lapse Collage


HoloLids are air vented and can be reused at least 10 times after sterilization. They are available for various vessels formats:

3D Cell division - Digital Holography - Holomonitor

A large collection of HoloMonitor images and associated Photoshop files.

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Be among the first to see a walk-through of the HoloMonitor App Suite – a new proprietary software for analysis of images and data, especially developed for ...

Initial Holomonitor Holograms

New and Emerging Forms of Data for Policy Making: Transport, health and air quality


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Overlay of chemotaxis cell tracks created by the HoloMonitor from Phase Holographic Imaging ...

HoloMonitor Methodology

A first HoloMonitor was recently deployed at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane Australia. With the purchase, the institute upgrades its ...

Figure 1

MMI header for webpage 2

... 16.

... Wallow's Holo-Monitor | by Fred Seibert

... Chris' Holo-Monitor | by Fred Seibert

Figure 4

... 14.

... Danny's Holo-Monitor | by Fred Seibert

1 Incubator proof Holomonitor M4 and the developed sample stage. (a)

La plateforme se déplace avec une haute précision, ce qui permet à l' HoloMonitor M4 d'effectuer des enregistrements sur plusieurs endroits de la plaque de ...

... Holo-Monitor Collapsed | by Fred Seibert

Cell video recorded by Holomonitor M4


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HoloScreen Interactive - Interactive HoloScreen Rear Projection Systems

Figure 2

Image sequence of a “wound” closure

The quantitative data derived from the HoloMonitor system was then used to create the histograms showing the temporal effects of this compound.

HoloMonitor in operation at QIMR Berghofer. “

Operation: Holoscreen 4 - It's the End


The microscopic world in 3D tickets

Fig. 4

... 5.

First you need to pick up your remote. Look for a terminal with a big, handsome holo monitor floating above it.

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Avidin is using the technology for evaluating/screening in primary cells, test immune functions, toxicity and QC.

For additional information, please contact: Peter Egelberg, VD Tel: +46 703 19 42 74. E-mail: peter.egelberg@phiab.se. Web: www.phiab.se

HoloMonitor M4 Imaging System

With the MediaScreen HSI 100" ultra-short-throw it is now possible for the first time to combine high-performance short-throw projectors with HoloScreen ...

该课题组使用HoloMonitor M4拍摄72h小鼠成纤维细胞生长在不同纳米线密度时,细胞的运动轨迹(图所示)。研究表明纳米线的密度过大时,细胞的运动性增强。

M4 HoloMonitor Quantitative Imaging System