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Google has just disclosed that it has snatched up the team behind API.AI. API.AI provides tools to developers to help them build conversational, ...

Typical architecture of an API.AI based Conversational Agent with business logic.

Build Your Own Siri: Api.ai Offers Voice Integration for All

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Demo API.AI console Web Simulator ...

Create Chatbots using API.AI and deploy on Google Cloud | Promo Video | Tutorials Team

SAP integration with Google assistant chatbot using API.Ai

TU11: Intelligent conversational apps with Google Apps Script and API.AI and App Verification

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How to make a Chatbot with Dialogflow - API.ai

How to use Dialogflow (api.ai) Natural Language with AutoVoice

This post concerns Greenhouse Group Labs, an innovation program for students, established by Greenhouse Group. Labs is an ideal opportunity to test the ...

AI and create a new agent in the api.ai where I created the agent name called “ OrderTracker ”. The task of the order tracker agent is to get the order ...

Angular Chatbot with Dialogflow (API.ai)

6 Multi-Modal Computing; 7.

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A new HappyBirthdayMadLib agent

Google Assistant-like DialogFlow (formerly API.AI) chatbot for your website

Agreeing to the TOC

code.talks 2017 - Extending the Google Assistant with (Actions on Google and) API.ai

#gcfchatbots @glaforge Architecture in development ngrok ...

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Finding your Api.ai API keys

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Signing up to Api.ai

Source: https://www.slideshare.net/bretmc/google-home-and-google -assistant-workshop-build-your-own-serverless-action-on-google-app

@bretmcg Response types ...

INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION - Antonio Pigna - Build a Chatbot in the Google Cloud Using API.AI

Actions on Google now supports making Payments, coming to Assistant on Phones

API AI (Dialogflow) Getting Started with your First Example

Google Acquires API.ai to Embed Assistant

Engage users through the Google Assistant

Building Conversational Bots using Google API.AI and Integrations. Building Chatbots using Dialog Flow and Alexa/Slack Integration Akshat Bordia Neha Joshi ...

SAP Chatbot – Talk to SAP enterprise applications with Google Home

Click here to sign in with an existing Gmail account.

Contexts (api.ai) in 90 seconds

Step #2: Log in to API.AI

Integrating Api.ai and Google Assistant into AssistantJS

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Create a persona 1; 25.

How to create a custom private Google Home Action with API.AI and Google App Engine

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@bretmcg API.AI demo; 14. @bretmcg Architecture Google Cloud ...

37. Comparison! api.ai ...


Granting access to your Google account

Slot Filling with API.AI using a Pizza Ordering Example

Why and How - Google Cloud Natural API - Deep learning with Dialog Flow (API .AI)

api.ai client side template injection

Google Assistant can then take action by helping the user book the flight through a series of question-and-answer prompts.

Chatbot Dialogflow / API.AI Webhook on Google App Engine (Preparing for BigQuery Integration )

Allow authorization

Open the intents in the API.AI field and enable the “Use webhook” option available in the fulfillment tab at the bottom. This option will look at the ...

Api.ai provides developers and companies with the advanced tools they need to build conversational user interfaces for apps and hardware devices.

Google Home Home – screenshot 1

Home screen of api.ai

Signing in with your Google account

Learn how to create bots for Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, and Cortana

If you are wanting to go beyond services which do a lot of the heavy lifting for you and really want to make true artificial intelligence systems from ...

The Google Home Web Simulator

How to add the Google Books API to SUSI AI

Google has just introduced a new service called Chatbase analytics to manage chat bots.

Google Acquires Api.ai To Take On Facebook's Plan To Lead The Chatbots Race - TechBooky

Google acquires API.AI in a bot

API.ai launches payments and unlimited queries to its bot platform following Google acquisition

The ...

Implementing Rich Responses in SUSI Action on Google Assistant

Major factors you would like to decide on for a AI based development are most likely to be below. 1. Easy integration. 2. Fewer API calls to reduce the time ...

Google has not given specific best practices for how to optimize Actions, other than suggesting they be submitted to the Google Home Directory.

Working with intents

The Google Home Web Simulator

API.AI logo

Actions on Google: Conversation: The New UI

Final result of your action in the simulator



Create an Intelligent App With Google Cloud Speech and Natural Language APIs

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How to create Webhooks for Dialogflow (Api.ai) ...


Google 20 日宣布收購提供聊天機器人開發工具的新創API.AI,透過API.AI,開發者可輕鬆打造同時支援文字和語音辨識的對話式介面(Conversational UI)。

Android Things - Create your smart robots with API.AI and the Google Assistant

How to add the Google Books API to SUSI AI

Create Chatbots using API.AI and deploy on Google Cloud will help you to Learn how to create bots for Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and Cortana.

Facebook Crisis; An uncompromisable mistake