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Game maker shader examples

Game maker shader examples


[GameMaker Tutorial] Shaders: The Basics

Game Maker Engine - Realistic Water Shader

GameMaker fog of war tutorial!

Some 3D shaders in Gamemaker Studio

GameMaker:Studio shader based illumination

2D Outline Fragment Shader

I've got a couple of questions now on whether I wanted to do a tutorial on how I got to these shaders. So, let's get going!

Java Libgdx RPG Game with Isometric Perspective, 2D Shader Light and Shadow System - YouTube

Dynamic 3D Shadows Shader | GameMaker Studio | Realtime!

GameMaker - Introduction to Shaders

Its a poor example but this is an old project of mine where i tried to fake it using this:

Game Maker Tutorial - Color Swapping/CLUT Sprite Shader

GameMaker Asset: CRT Monitor


GameMaker Studio 2: Outline Shader Tutorial

Game Maker - Simple Rain and Lightning Tutorial

3D Dynamic Soft Shadows | GameMaker: Studio

How to write shader code in Game Maker Studio

Image titled Get Started With Game Maker Step 2


There are a few other functions for particle behavior in life and death, but we'll only use this one for our fire effect. And again, refer to the Game Maker ...

A scene in Minecraft, before and after applying a few shaders.

GameMaker: Studio introduces YoYo Compiler and cross-platform Shader support

GLSL Shader library effect

3D Animated Water example updated

Example of the effect desired ...

Textures for Processing - From custom geometry to adding textures to and shapes, Amnon Owed shows you practical examples of a number of crucial building ...

GameMaker Asset: Water Shader

What should I change to pass proper sprite size (especially when drawing stretched) so this shader works properly?

How to implement shaders in Game Maker S... 2 years ago

This can be problem when using shaders that distort the image. Example:

In Age of Empires, the unit colors change to match the player.

GLSL Shader library effect

CRT Pixel Shader

how to make a game on game maker - Game Maker tutorial for beginners. This is the last video in this tutorials series. We will be fixing some problems.

Name Script Game Maker

Scene with fog

GLSL Shader library effect

Add the created Shader Function to your shader by selecting it directly from the Node List. SF nodes can be used just as any other ASE nodes, ...

(ignore the tileset, I just used whatever was on hand for the example)

The Construct Layout Editor

Game Maker Studio: Variable Jump Tutorial [Platformer]

Underwater Effect 1/2 - Godray Shader 2 years ago. by GameMaker Tutorial ...

Game Maker Studio: Wall Jump Tutorial [Platformer]

PacMan CE

CRT Monitor Shader


3D Cylindrical World GameMaker example updated

Retro Shader Collection

Compute shader example


genre: Example. Tags: Studio, Gamemaker

(GLSL Shader Library) Fish Eye Post Processing Filter, Dome Distortion

Shader Forge

(Game Maker Studio)

This is a feature that I would like to see implemented as well. I'm working on an FPS right now, actually:

Shader Forge. “

Metal Slug: ...

Fog Effect 3D. xygthop3's Shader Resources

Here's an example of a shader I made in Unity using Shader Forge, and the different options it has for any artist who wants to use it.

Free Shaders

However, you can't have this in Game Maker, as the devs refuse to open any hooks to those two lines of code! Luckily, MishMash created a nice DLL on the YYG ...


Fire Particles Final Run

Mastering the GameMaker Studio Particle System

Saturation Shader. KeeVee Games

Would a shader be needed to "bend" the rectangular sprite slightly, in addition to adjusting the image angle?

UE4 Water Shader

Day Night Cycle Shader. KeeVee Games

Drag Drop Object In Room Gamemaker

Make Your Own 2d Games With Construct 2

GameMaker Studio 2. Icon

Simple bloom shader

6 - Game Maker Studio: Moving Platforms Tutorial [Platformer]

I have background tiles I want to apply a shader on. I set my surface render target, set a shader, apply shader to surface then reset.

Advanced Mesh Paint in UDK

Game Maker's built-in vertex point-light system:

Also, pixel shaders cannot produce complex effects, because they operate on a single fragment in 3D graphics. The depth of the fragment can be done by pixel ...