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Freecad python module

Freecad python module


Freecad quick example for animation (python)

Exploring FreeCAD

Writing python code

File:Freecad screenshot -- Draft module.jpg

path example



To generate toolpath, put it to Python folder, select face and type in FreeCAD python console "import CAM" and "CAM.mill_2D()".

FreeCAD Raytracing.jpg


Installing the CadQuery Module for FreeCAD in Windows

Loft in a Python script

Assembly2 example.jpg

Python classes of the Part module



Inside the library, there is a FreeCAD macro (PartsLibrary.FCMacro) that you can place in your FreeCAD macros folder. That macro creates a browser window ...

Robot Workbench

Macro installer 01.jpg

FreeCAD Arch module development status

Requirements. FreeCAD ...

Drawing Dimensioning example.jpg

Raytracing example.jpg

Draft dimensions recode.jpg

16ADT 1.jpg

Here's the screen capture:



Exercise python 09.jpg

The autocomplete mechanism of the FreeCAD python console

Screenshot preferences01.jpg

modeled in FreeCAD by psicofil

Latest developments of the FreeCAD Arch module

Parts library browser


Draft options

Arch survey and code

... Mesh from shape

... 3dCoin and Python links to arbitrary information Parsing IFC, Help sub folder Install/Compile, There is a Forum This forum now has three parts: Forums ...

Finally I can too show something here! A little work in progress to showcase the arch module for the forthcoming FreeCAD book by Dan Falck and Sliptonic:

FreeCAD 3D Parametric Modeling CAD design Software Windows & 3d printer

The Arch group objects (floor, building, site) are also being reworked, and are now based on FreeCAD group objects, which means you can drag&drop to/from ...

A 90 degrees bended extension with default values will be added. You can now play with the bend parameters by selecting the Bend part in the model tree, ...




FreeCAD Python Console


First, FreeCAD doesn't came with the "assembly 2" module pre-installed (at least on linux), this module ...

Arch Frame

Made on Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 (64 bits) and FreeCAD 0.17 (revision no. 11114).

Arch survey and code

Installation files and Instructions can be found here: http://theseger.com/projects/2015/06/fa ... r-freecad/ This website will always have the latest ...

Branch: releases/FreeCAD-0-14. Hash: 32f5aae0a64333ec8d5d160dbc46e690510c8fe1. Python version: 2.6.2. Qt version: 4.5.2. Coin version: 3.1.0

FreeCAD 0.13 released with better drafting, arch and part design tools | Libre Graphics World


FreeCAD Tutorial & Review: From a 2D Sketch to a 3D Print



Draft Scale UI

STEP VRML_RMseries.jpg800x544 102 KB

Since the software's functionality is accessible to Python, programmers can extend the core functionality and automate tasks using scripts. FreeCAD





Assembly 2: Added import of multiple parts

Completed FreeCAD geometry. Notice that the project tree is hierarchical: the pad appears as


FreeCAD - Screenshot 1 · FreeCAD - Screenshot 2

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Tutorial Freecad 0.17- ASSEMBLY Workbench

the python console

Free 3D Models, Free CAD Models

FreeCad 0.10 detail screenshot.jpg

... FreeCAD image 3 Thumbnail

... 18. bpy - Main Blender Python module ...

Made me discover how to draw/code a 2D circle from parameters as radius, coordinates and direction. If you copy this code and paste in the Freecad console ...

Freecad – best open source model development environment | datafireball

Freecad - Getting Face Area (Using Python Script)

FreeCad 0.17 - YouTube

Translator did not even translated whole of the sentence, just couple of words

Page 1

How to design for dual extruders with FreeCAD

FreeCAD 0.17 overhauls its PartDesign Workbench, a new add-on manager to make installing new modules/macros easier, Sketcher improvements, new documentation ...

... 14.

In this test, I used auto generated nodes for the mesh. FreeCAD also appears to support more customized methods for defining structural nodes:

... but now that we reached a certain maturity and stability with the Arch module, it'll be the time to begin to study more efficient ways to use it.


Since the current version of FreeCAD, v0.12, is millimeter only, a reduction factor of 25.4 was applied to the imported dxf file to derive the inch unit.