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Tradeweb on Twitter: "European government bond markets on Tradeweb this morning #EUGV https://t.co/XERt3YT7yS"

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Data Points EUGV May 2012 chart 2

Ten-year benchmark government bond data_ February2017_Tradeweb

8 Composite Prices Screen

Data Points Blog: 2017 Year in Review: Top Trading Tech & Market Structure Themes

Tradeweb Trading Volume Increases - IRS, CDS, ETF

Tradeweb European ETF Volume

Data Points Blog: 2017 Year in Review: Top Trading Tech & Market Structure Themes

08.05.13 Data Points - TRSY 10-Year

Percentage of Total Tradeweb Interest Rate Derivatives Executed via Compression

Tradeweb China Bond Connect

Tradeweb hit rates_Q12016

Tradeweb European Credit Axes Liquidity Available at Month End: January – November 2017

01.24.13 - DP Notional

"This is the next level of value innovative platforms like Tradeweb are bringing to the market, enhancing relationship-based trading with real operational ...

Tradeweb takes home trio of awards_2017

Percentage of Debt with Outstanding Negative Yields

Portuguese and Spanish 10-Year Yields

Tradeweb Global ETF Quarterly Volume Traded

10Yr Interest Rate Swap Spreads

German 2-Year Note Yields

U.S. Treasury 2 Year Note

Tradeweb November 2016 Year-over-year Growth - Notional Trading Volume

Drawing Deeper Liquidity

09.02.16 US 10Y Yields - Intraday View

11.16.16 TRSY Volume by Maturity

YE DP Chart 5

2012 Top Ten Fig.1- U.S., U.K. and Japan 10-Year Yields

11.16.16 TRSY Volume by Customer Type

Tradeweb traded volume increase_Q12016

The Role of a Swap Execution Facility

Bond Connect Announcement

UK 10-Year Gilt Yield - June 21, 2016 - August 16, 2016

Building Better Markets

11.16.16 European IRS, CDS and ETF Volumes


Women Awards 2017

YE DP Chart1

09.02.16 Govt Bond Yields

YE DO Chart2

Markets Media Women in Finance Awards

Data Points_govt bonds_June12_1

... Tradeweb Wins Risk 2018 OTC Trading Platform of the Yr

2012 Top Ten Fig. 10- J.J. Kenny Drake Long Intermediate Muncipal Bond Index vs

2012 Top Ten Fig. 4- CDX North American High Yield Index

2012 Top Ten Fig.1- Eurozone Peripheral 10-Year Spreads vs. Germany


2012 Top Ten Fig. 6- 2-Year Yields Hit Negative Territory

Creating Smarter Solutions

Mid asset swap spreads for debt issued by Banca Carige and Monte dei Paschi di Siena, which were among these 13 banks, hit their widest levels for the year ...

Making strides against breast cancer_TradewebTeam_October2014

YE DP Chart4

[LiveSquawk] RT @Tradeweb: European government bond markets on Tradeweb this afternoon, London time #EUGV https://t.co/21NvyRzbqh : newstweetfeed

Have you tried our #holidaygame yet? https://t.co/

Tradeweb Records $7.9 Trillion in Biggest Volume Month since the Credit Crisis https://

via @BenEisen: The Yield Curve Is Flattening No Matter What the Fed Says https

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Our European #ETF Update for February 2018 is out: tradeweb.com/Blog

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11.16.16 TRSY Bid-Offer Spread

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Greek bonds rally as PM says bailout breakthrough is close | Business | The Guardian

Brokertec Trading System

Alberto Dal Ben

Ignore the noisy measure of wages including bonuses (the MPC will). The real news is the tiny 0.13% m/m—1.6% annualised—rise in wages ex. bonuses.

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Tradeweb price improvement_Q12016

(effectively being paid to be lent money for 2 years)

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Last year's best selling liquid alt fund, Catalyst/Millburn Hedge Strategy, down 10% ytd; a normal 60/40 is down 2%. Maybe the word "hedge" means different ...

#ShadowBanking in #China is growing more complex. Structured shadow banking transforms bank assets into investment receivables to ease regulatory ...

#ShadowBanking in #China is generating tight financial market linkages. Bond markets have become highly dependent on funding through wealth management ...

10-year Bund bid-yield enters negative territory this morning

The trailing 12-month P/E ratio is 21.8, down from 23.8 last week. ...

11.16.16 TRSY Buy-Sell Ratio

Improving the ecosystem of the European ETF market

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Li Chang, CFP®

Greek bonds rally as PM says bailout breakthrough is close | Business | The Guardian

2011 Holiday Hop

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2012 Snowball Rally

Crunch time continues for Greece. Here is the schedule of the upcoming 'pressure points':

Friday, May 29, 2015

UK economic growth halves ahead of general election

Iran seizes Marshall Islands cargo ship in Gulf waters, Pentagon says

(Mark Tansey "An Innocent Eye Test")

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Amid the tariff drama this week, inflation breakevens inverted briefly

Source: @zerohedge

Greek bonds rally as PM says bailout breakthrough is close | Business | The Guardian

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