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Dragon nest chat bubble

Dragon nest chat bubble


Writing with Argenta Necklace equipped don't give the special speech bubble =(

Dragon Nest Indonesia - Chat Room Glitch

Dragon Nest Sea colored message

The necklace will change the shape of your chat bubble too:

Chronicle character will be opened for creation till the next update.

wow kren banget new Pet Chat Bubble Dragon Nest Korea

Dragon Nest Korea - Pet Chat Bubble

[EVENT] Brace yourself, Easter is coming: Screenshot Event [Archive] - Dragon Nest Forum Shanda Europe Old

This a trend now on our world chat..been Online since this morning and I see a lot of red font spams on our chat channels.

As you can see, this is what other's see when you open a General Chat room. Basically, you can open any general topic to chat to the public.

[Archive] - Dragon Nest Forum Shanda Europe Old

Trade Chat is for private buy/sell transactions or trading purposes. You got something to sell or you want to trade? Create a Trade Chat room and the ...

Just now I saw Aho is Hentai in world chat lol. And also.

I guess for those who just started the game have been wondering how did the players manage to create the Chat Rooms shown in the picture above.

Dragon Nest SEA - Bonus Fishing Area Event

As for PR Chat it's a little bit different. The messages will keep changing according to the messages you type in the “Compose Ads” segment when you are ...

PROS: ▷ A chilled MMO — not unlike Diablo III. There's no need for commitment – even if you're in a Guild. ▷ Fast-paced, skill-based, non-target, ...

Dragon Nest: Academic Job Change to Engineer

[EVENT] Brace yourself, Easter is coming: Screenshot Event [Archive] - Dragon Nest Forum Shanda Europe Old

... Dragon Nest SEA: Fishing map sample

Dragon Nest China - Testing Flash stance No CD spam !!

Click image for larger version Name: DN 2018-02-07 18-33

First off, I don't really want to make this sound like a rant but I guess it would because I probably would rant. The Red Dragon Nest has been recently ...

cara membuat chat room berwarna Dragon Nest INA

He also has invisible skills and cool time charging skills. Cool time charging skills can extend the cooldown duration of certain skills in exchange for ...

1: HP: most important bar in the game, if it depletes to zero you'll die and end up as a floating tissue 2: MP: used for active skills

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The ...

There are 2 types of ranking in the Lagendia Continent Exploration – Personal and Guild.

The Road to 35k AP

Reap the rewards of your hard work. Reach the Final Island in your exploration and snag cool goodies from the Treasure Warehouse!

Dragon Nest [KR] - Dark Summoner #Awakening Skills Test Video 1

Cara Chat Berwarna Di Dragon Nest INA

Dragon Nest Sea - My First Slayer Part !!

Dragon Nest INA ~ Chanel Community Chat

Dragon Nest - Bleed Phantom Live Stream - Part 2

Dragon Nest: KamiBuri the Pyromancer by motli ...

Bubble Trouble by Czar-Michelle ...

DragonNest Costume design-Academic by ZiyoLing ...

Dragon Nest: Colourful Chat Room Text

When you clear a Fixed Dungeon (Cathedral Confessional, Dry Sand Swamp), a portal to Abandoned Unknown Zone will open.

[Archive] - Page 4 - Dragon Nest Forum Shanda Europe Old

1/2 real screenshots of mine. D:

BUG REPORT TOPIC: Report your bugs here! [Archive] - Dragon Nest Forum Shanda Europe Old

Tutorial reset 2nd dragon nest ina

Click image for larger version Name: wtf.JPG Views: 2 Size: 111.9

-Hit the Gold Goblin

Mount Vespa di Dragon Nest INA?

Anyway here comes the really relevant news for you guys: looks like there has been revealed another character named Lencea (sorry that the pic isn't ...

-Gold Goblin Coins will vanish 24 hours after they have been obtained.

Dragon Nest China - Flash Stance Instant

Dragon Nest PvP: Guardian, Adept, Artillery, Sniper (revamp), SH, BD, DS, GM, GL, PHY, KDN Ladder 95

Dragon Nest China - New Teleport [Warp] System !

Dragon Nest CN Update: Desert Dragon Nest Hardcore, 60S Suffix II,Talisman

Dragon Nest Korea - Bleed Phantom Teaser !

Server: Dragon Nest China, 南方电信一区, 3服烈火之灵. Guild: TheLoosers. How To Join Us? Guild Thread: We are < TheLoosers > xD

Dragon Nest - EYEDENTITY_Messenger

Dragon Nest - EYEDENTITY_Messenger

Dragon Egg Update:

Dragon Nest SEA Alchemist-Adept PvE/PvP Skill Build (T4) Level 50


Show us ur bigest Damage [Archive] - Page 2 - Dragon Nest Forum Shanda Europe Old

Dragon Egg

Dragon Nest - EYEDENTITY_Messenger

2/2. Couldn't really screenshot as I'm dying... D:

That bubble gun has... pop.

Dragon Nest Sea - Glad Solo Rune HC - 4 man

There are 3 Types of Room Type in the game. General Chat, Trade Chat, PR chat.

Dragon Nest Hack: How to Create Moving Chat Room (Chat Room Bug)

Stats of Super Huge Majestic Black Wing Phy & Mag Attack+300. Vit +50. Max HP + 2000. MP recovery + 25. Phy & Mag Def +5% Moving Speed+ 15%


Dragon Nest Korea - Bleed Phantom Skills Part 4

If you get sucked into Dragon Nest, you'll be here quite a bit.

The launcher will be updated automatically with patching.

Dragon Nest Review 1

A forum from cDN fan site douwan.com told that the assassin has a split personality. He is usually very quiet and an introvert. But when in the heat of the ...

This buff will not be applicable in 8-player Nests, PVP, and Dark Lair.

Dragon Nest Korea - New Gestures Preview [ Part 1 ]

Clear the Exploration, during the event period, and receive a temporary +10 Epic Weapon Set based on your level and “Brownie Joker” with +50% movement speed ...

The land of Dragon Nest is amiss and in dire need of saviours!

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Dragon Nest Korea - lv95 Chaos plate

Dragon Nest Review 3

... from Diablo 3 Beta to Dragon Nest because they were enjoying themselves so much! This game may or may not be for you, this is merely my two cents worth.

Show us ur bigest Damage [Archive] - Page 2 - Dragon Nest Forum Shanda Europe Old


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*You can acquire [Fishing Skill] and [Fishing Equipment] from Farm Manager NPC in front of the Farming Area by doing a [Quest].

8) Others A) Skill Crest Removed Adept's Super Slop Cocktail [Increased Debuff Duration] Crest is removed. You cannot craft or attain the removed Crest ...

Image Image Image Image Image

Clean, simple UI ...

DNSEA: Red Dragon Patch and Other Fancy Stuff (Argenta Costume Set)