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Deobfuscate vb script

Deobfuscate vb script


How do you Deobfuscate the Obfuscated VBScript?

We will copy/paste the sequence to the box on Misc Decoders tab, and use Decode ...

VBScript Defuscator

Figure 3: Vbscript deobfuscation using vbscript editor

In the lower box on Decoder tab one can see the results - a VBScript used to download and run the malicious file.

The transformations used for decoding would take a lot of time if someone would try to decode the data manually. In Malzilla you can just click on Send ...

After the Ping command is complete, Powershell will launch the script directly after it. This can be launched in Powershell ISE and debugged to get the ...

Script Encoder Premium: Decode Windows Script Encoding

Write function (shown in the red box), and then executing the obfuscated .vbs script at the command prompt using the cscript command.

Deobfuscating Malware Javascript -- TWISTED CODE Pt 1



The first is a concatenation of two obfuscated variables. After the variables have been deobfuscated this will hold the final result:

Deobfuscate vbs malware

New code created to view the result of the buffer variable


Code used to get the value of the PofUhicehofudilysuwe variable renamed to buffer

Then click 'Run script' button. We can see the deobfuscated in the window below.

CodeLib is a simple, orderly way to catalogue your favorite scripts and snippets. It also provides a way for people to share code libraries between ...

Sometimes there may be multiple layers of obfuscation where the first obfuscated script needs to be deobfuscated as well. In this case copy the script from ...

WScript Emulator

Malware Analysis - Unpacking a Multilayered VBScript Worm

I had to hard-code the user-agent into the script and removed some of the unnecessary HTML DOM stuff and got the iframe it creates.

De-obfuscating malicious Vbscripts

As the script is written in VBScript, which can't be interpreted by SpiderMonkey engine, we will use some other Malzilla's functions.

This is an indicator that Wscript is about to execute a command. If we look at the next line the ".RUN" supports our claim.


Once inside the Visual Basic Editor/Debugger we can pinpoint a few key areas to breakpoint on. The first is a concatenation of two obfuscated variables.

ViperMonkey is a VBA Emulation engine written in Python, designed to analyze and deobfuscate malicious VBA Macros contained ...

Analyze JavaScript and VBScript Malware With x64dbg Debugger and API Hooking


Deobfuscating Code


As the security research community develops newer and more sophisticated means for detecting and mitigating malware, malicious actors continue to look for ...

Since the characters are just base64 encoded, it's a quick task to decode it and obtain the crux of the VBscript payload.

The ...

Download full-size image

Hopefully this simple method for deobfuscating is found to be useful to others. Happy hunting!

Spiffy:AutomatedJavaScript DeobfuscationStephan Chenette Alex RicePrinciple Security Researcher ...

For a while, malicious Office documents are delivered with OLE objects containing VBA macros. Bad guys are always using ...

First Base64 variable "s" (again, VBscript):

PvLog DeObfuscator Win32 1.3

Fig. U (truncated for better readability)

... 36. Generated VBScript ...

When formatted it's easier to see what the script is doing. It's essentially using your user-agent to decode the obfuscated script.

Here's how to quickly DECODE them. #DFIR #CyberChef BACKGROUND: • VBScript encoding details + samples: ...

Cleanup Installer Script

Evading Antivirus; 32.

... character array; 34. Step 2 : Embed the vbscript ...

This is a script that will create a webpage from Firefox bookmarks. In Firefox, Pale Moon, or other Mozilla-type browsers, bookmarks can be exported to a ...

Script that deobfuscates and executes

Here's how to quickly DECODE them. #DFIR #CyberChef BACKGROUND: • VBScript encoding details + samples: ...


As we can see the script is quite obfuscated, so we can analyze it dynamically in Microsoft's built in Script editor inside Word. This is achieved by going ...

.wsf is Windows Script File, and is executed by Windows as full blown executable VBScript. In testing some mail filtering doesn't block .wsf by default ...

How To Unpack / Deobfuscate A Protect Program With Crypto Obfuscator By NikoMoDz + Download - YouTube

Office Malware Scanner from reconstructor.org

Value of the DasuRokyduconiwidy object and line of code to replace

Now you can simply go back to your document's macro editor, select everything, and replace it with the generated VBA script.

command capabilities

Fig. J

Attached Images


Fig. T

This script will be run through the Wscript.Shell object and will first delay execution by issuing a delay through "Ping". This is a common technique to ...


Windows Script Files allow them to mix multiple languages (JScript, VBScript, etc.


It also, curiously, removes local admin rights for the user. It's a ransomware:

Code that modifies registry setting .


Deobfuscated script

Fig. E

However, the author has password protected the VBA project to prevent inspection. This limits our ability to accurately analyze the VBA script from inside ...

For the purpose of saving space here, I only included a screen capture. To understand the magnanimity of of the aawaawaaaawaawswaaaaa string, if taking away ...

Dynamically Changing Objects at Print Time Using Vb Script | Scripting Language | Automation

Shown above: Deobfuscated script from the .js file.

As you can see, it grabs kb37893902w.exe from updatesarecoming1000.space. When investigations started just one AV provider detected the payload under ...

also how can i decode catvbs?

Pictured: #CyberChef static Microsoft Encoded Script decode (also works for JSE). Decoded VBE drops an executable to %TEMP%\nFFkFYB.exe "sct embed.sct" on ...

As ...

A simple script to decode the encoded string.

So, after removing all the obfuscation we can conclude that the VBA code calls the comment properties of the Office document.


After deobfuscating, we found more readable strings—notably the malicious URLs that download the payloads. Different URLs may be present in different ...

Pictured: #CyberChef static Microsoft Encoded Script decode (also works for JSE). Decoded VBE drops an executable to %TEMP%\nFFkFYB.exe "sct embed.sct" on ...


JavaScript Deobfuscation A Manual Approach Sudeep Singh 4/15/2012 ...

S” + “treAM”; 15.

In some samples analyzed by CTU researchers, the attachment was an obfuscated VBScript (.vbs) file that downloads and installs AdWind, or the email message ...

In this screen capture we see the file appears to be a JPG file (although, it doesn't actually display, it really appears to be garbage)

(Click here to ...

Fig. D

When I delete all the garbage above this I end up with the following VBS.

... 8.

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