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Calculate steam condensate flow rate

Calculate steam condensate flow rate


example 14.2.1 and equation 2.8.1.jpg

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example 14.3.3 and example 14.3.4.jpg

... 55.

Line sizing is based on either pressure drop per 100 m or velocity in m/s. Design parameters will sometime vary from plant to plant but, ...

Barriers that reduce the rate of heat transfer: Metal of the pipe or jacketed pan; air, condensate and scale on the steam side; stagnant product and burn-on ...

20 Calculation ...

It is sensible to consider using a slightly larger riser, which will produce a lower flash steam velocity.

A control valve is used to vary the flowrate and pressure of the steam so that the heat input to the heat exchanger can be controlled.

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Example 14.4.3 How to size a mechanical condensate pump

The pound referred to in the rule of thumb is not pressure but weight. A “pound” of steam condenses into a “pound” of water.

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... 40. Basic Boiler Calculations ...


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Calculate steam flow rate for an autoclave which is heating 10,000 bottles of 1 litre each to a temperature of 120°C in 30 minutes.

Drain li nes to steam traps

ENERGY Calculator Process fluid type In/out temperature

If it is unavoidable, non-pumped rising lines (Figure 14.3.4) should be kept as short as possible and fitted with a non-return valve to stop condensate ...


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If we select a pipe size based on a (5,0) pair, the program selects a pipe size large enough for the flash from the 227°F condensate down to 0 PSIG at ...

Flash Steam Calculation

HEATX-2 Pumped Condensate BTU layout diagram


“Energy Efficiency Guide for Industry in Asia” - ppt download

Flow in a pumped return line is intermittent, as the pump starts and stops according to its needs. The pump discharge rate will be higher than the rate at ...


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... 20.

The capacity or flow rate is the same and the acceptable pressure drop is the same. The only difference is the pressure. Higher pressure requires a lot of ...

Gas Velocity Calculation

How to Calculate the Amount of Condensate Per Amount of Steam

Actual rating of a Boiler

In Figure 3.22.14, the boiler is steaming at its normal design pressure, for example 10 bar, and the steam passes to variable loads which require not more ...

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Example 9.4.4

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Determine the steam flowrate

In a steam plant, saturated steam enters the turbi

Sizing on a filling rate of 2500 kg/h, and a steam pressure of 5.2 bar, referring to Figure 14.4.11, for the DN50 pump, it can be seen that a condensate ...

Barriers that reduce the rate of heat transfer: Metal of the pipe or jacketed pan; air, condensate and scale on the steam side; stagnant product and burn-on ...

25 January 2010 Boiler Feed Pump Selection 13; 14. Pump sizing Example for calculating flow ...

Steam generation system.

... 8. Less cooling water flow rate ...

Condensate pump: H/Q curves, NPSHR of condensate pump, system characteristic HA

Steam and condensate calculation sheet

Sizing a control valve for a steam heat exchanger is a compromise between:

Total equivalent length = Actual length + 10%

Installed Piping and Piping Connections

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Question 1 In the cylinder of an air motor the compressed air has a specific internal

Homework: Steam System

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In a steam supply system, violent water hammer occurs when slugs of liquid condensate close off the cross-sectional pipe area and are propelled by ...

They always helped me calculate Steam Ejector Applications. You just might have to do Conversions in the formulations to your application.

The condensate outlet control valve on a heat exchanger is often the source of much steam leakage, causing high backpressure and hammer in return lines.

6.8. The heat exchanger in Fig. 6-20 heats water entering at 30

Question: The Chemical Engineering Department at Lehigh University has a laboratory 1-2 Shell-and -tube hea.

Designing effective steam traps

Steam Tip 8: Return Condensate to the Boiler

Usage Points

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Improving Steam System Performance Steam System Basics; 12. 9 Feedwater flow ...

1.2.1 Steam Take-Off & Header Design

Calculation of Flue Gas Flow Rate

Vapour pressure; 32. The Steam and Condensate ...

... 21.

The second effect is the potential damage caused to traps, condensate pumps, and other parts in the condensate system when we flash to vapor.


Schematic of Condensate Pump in Steam Loop

Second, there's the presence of air in the pipe. Third, steam condensate is often water at, or very near, the saturation temperature.

Example Air Loop Heating & Cooling Coil

... 13.


Corrosion of Copper

What is the flow rate of the gas stream leaving the condenser inmol/min? (Hint: First calculate the molar flow rate of thecondensate and note that the rates ...

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... 21. The Steam and Condensate ...

... steam pressure discharges condensate; 28.

22. FORMULAE USED FOR CALCULATIONS - A Extraction steam flow ...

Properly installed condensate discharge locations facilitate a steam trap's ability to remove, drain, and return condensate, vent noncondensable gases, ...

Calculation results for different heat exchanger areas.

4.5. Influence of mass flow rate

This needs to be considered within the calculation by reducing the allowable friction loss of 60 000 Pa in Example 14.4.4 by 50%, thus:

Flash Steam Calculation


“Energy Efficiency Guide for Industry in Asia” - ppt download

Flash High-Pressure Condensate to Regenerate Low-Pressure Steam

Figure of a properly configured drip leg.

Steam Flow Pressurized Deaerator – Capacity

... 12.

Different types of steam traps