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Bf1 servers

Bf1 servers


Every server I try to join has 50+ people in queues. No server is joining even the 'unfilled' ones.

[BF1]My experience with the beta so far


BF1 How to fix failed to connect to server

Thats the list I got a couple days ago with the only filters on being show servers with 1-5 and 6-10 open slots. What the heck is this?

I selected all the maps and US Servers and saved my filters, but no operations map appears in the server list.


too much people have problems with latency ONLY in BF1 servers... and u have only 6 servers locations at the moment.

EA Servers DOWN PoodleCorp Hackers Wreck Battlefield 1 Cannot Connect Servers DOWN Lizard Group Hack - YouTube


BF1 middle east servers

Image/GifHere are the settings on the DICE Official Hardcore Servers, for anyone who was wondering.


Battlefield 1[BF1] Somehow I got Operations in the Server Browser. Is this a new feature?

Image/GifI found out how to get Operations in your server browser!



server browser.jpg

I even have a custom filter that has no restrictions, and while that gives me a lot of servers none of them are playable either due to ping, they're full or ...

BF1 SERVERS DOWN! - World Wide Shutdown

bf1 empty servers.jpg

BF1: How to filter Hardcore TDM servers!

Battlefield 1 quick tip - how to fix only seeing empty servers and what is server browser filter - YouTube

How to find hardcore for BF1

Servers are coming.

... full and near full servers. This doesn't include TDM, but I don't think many play it.

Battlefield 1[BF1] A feature from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 that I'd like to return in BF1 ...

Hi, i can not conect to server from Greece,. Are the servers down?

Battlefield ...

Bf1 Australian servers are a joke

Finding ALL Operations on Server Browser *patched out


HOW TO FIX BATTLEFIELD 1 - You have lost connection with EA servers – Easy Tutorial that Works - YouTube

This is what's going to happen for PC servers:

Battlefield 1[BF1] Matchmaking always putting me into empty servers in Africa ...

Will rented servers be customizable in Battlefield 1 (BF1)? - YouTube

Battlefield 1 DOWN: Servers for PS4 and Xbox One players hit by new multiplayer outage

It would be nice to actually get some advice or atleast have someone tell me what's up. If this keeps happening I'm just going to change my mind about ...

Battlefield ...

... into your Server Browser. Now that I have it, I can confirm that on PC, at least, there are very few people playing DLC Operations on a Sunday afternoon ...


... investigating an issue where the quickmatch tends to place you on empty / OOR servers, especially for Operations #TSNP #BF1.… https://t.co/lwA7Rb2Ym8"


Adding more operation servers to favorites gets you more options to choose where you want to join knowing how many players is there and wich maps are ...

Battlefield Bulletin on Twitter: "NEWS: DICE will be restarting all #BF1 servers on October 13 to address the queuing issue with the following times ...

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Battlefield 1 Has Spectator Mode and Screenshot-Taking Tools on PS4, Xbox One, PC


BF1 Server Details

Image/GifNot ...

When the game was first launched last October 2016, I used to get 80-90 ping. Can we have some Singapore servers? I haven't played the game in months.

After update bf1 5th sep 2017. It can't connect. My ps4 network working fine as in pics. Is anyone else facing the same problem after update?

Server listing last night ... 86 Packed US servers. Most of which looked like East coast.

Battlefield 1 Beta Gameplay - WILL SERVERS WORK? (BF1 Open Lobby) - YouTube

Image/GifHere's what the server signs are for BF1.

A Desperate Plea from Affected Players in Regions with no local servers : battlefield_one

And this is a screenshot from the available US East (the closest out of region servers i can find), you can see i have more than 100 ping, ...

BF1 servers by FoxSalsa ...

Dev reply insideWhy ...

BF1 servers.jpg

Image/GifI have rented a server with all Vanilla and DLC maps in one rotation ...

Battlefield 1[BF1] [Original Concept] Battlelog concept - Feedback welcome ...

Battlefield 1[BF1]Salt post commence: How many years in and EA/DICE still can't balance teams on their Official servers ...

Re: BF1 Servers.

Image/GifThere ...

Battlefield 1 servers going down today as final DLC expansion and base game update rolls out

See the server #'s? There's half as many as what it actually looks like. They pop up twice for some reason, but it goddamn works as a browser.

bf1 rush settings

fix it now

Battlefield 1[BF1]I kinda like the map voting, but that's why i hate it being active now on the official servers too.

... might deploy official servers in India depending on how testing goes. They'll keep adding new locations based on data #BF1 👍… https://t.co/NihnyPZcsY"

Battlefield 1 Africa servers.jpg

Thanks for reply i try everything you said didn't fix the problem i think the problem from the servers provider [i3D].

BF1 SA servers.jpg

ESB BF1 – Official 5v5 and 12v12 Rulesets v1.0


Battlefield 1 has been massively successful which was a surprise since they took a risk by setting a modern shooting game in World War 1.

Battlefield 1: Hardcover Servers, Map Changes, and New Custom Game Coming - GameSpot

Bf1 servers down :(

Bf1 servers at capacity

[Update] BF1 Servers down: Fans report status down with matchmaking failed error

A Week On, EA Has Yet To Fix Serious, Ongoing Issues With Aussie Battlefield 1 Servers

Battlefield 1 DOWN: EA Servers not working as PS4 and Xbox One players unable to

BF1 Servers - Thread for discussion of server rentals and settings*


Battlefield Bulletin on Twitter: "NOTICE: #BF1 Incursions Closed Alpha servers will go offline on Sept. 25, but they'll go back online on Sept.

Solved! Go to Solution.



When BF1 servers are down...- Battlefield 4

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