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When I delete a log file, AdAway generate new log. I got logs from visiting sites, apps, etc. e.g. xda:

I narrowed it down to just this one host source, the others didn't seem to have any.

AdAway apk4free.net

Reddit Mobile now makes you look at this artificial 'loading screen' for a second before showing you the page ...

Example while using Sync and posting this question.


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AdAway APK – Block Unwanted Ads on Android


Websites that reroute you immediately to these spamathons of garbage.


Home screen

Lol wut?

When I delete a log file, AdAway generate new log. I got logs from visiting sites, apps, etc. e.g. xda:


permalink ...

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The RiF internal browser sends a desktop page request which bypasses that, but only for Imgur I think.

How to effectively block 90% of ads (including Youtube) on Android device : Adblock

If you use these types of ads in your site, fuck you.

You will see a screen with many pictures. By default, it switches to TV shows, but if you want to search for a movie, you need to switch to Movies by ...

Ad blocker shootout: AdAway vs. AdFree

GitHub - JasonD94/android-hosts: A hosts file to block ads on popular apps such as Pandora, Spotify, etc.

Guide for AdAway poster ...

After you search for something like, let's say, Ghost Whisperer, you will see a description page. Go to the Season tab and pick a season.

AdAway Material Mod

I hope Apple is having a blast right now, ...

adaway apk

Press the refresh button (the clockwise ↻ arrow) ...

Now open the XPrivacyApp and enable ...

If you know what you're doing, the app has pro features that enable you to white/blacklist host files and you can even add host files of your own to the ...

I've just loaded the website to watch Kingsman The Secret Service in preparation to see The Golden Circle tomorrow and ...


AutoMagisk - Automatically disable Magisk root when you open selected apps, such as Android Pay or Pokemon Go : Android


On Marshmallow? You can have ad blocking and native tethering right now, no root or custom kernel required! : nexus6


[Dev] AdClear: a free ad blocker that works in apps and all browsers : androidapps

DNS66. A DNS based ad-blocker that works system-wide without root. : Android

Go to the Season tab and pick a season. After that, pick an episode and press Play. A list with streaming sources and their quality will appear.

You'd be amazed at how much you're being tracked

permalink ...

How to use Netease music outside China in English (Guide) Android and PC. : neteasemusic

This app with this" tutorial", basically this sets up a Chinese proxy through androids VPN interface and doesn't require root.

[Tricks] PSA - Everyone should be installing SABS : GalaxyS8

... of having some sort of GIF where I have to wait until the Kanji ist drawn in front of me. Hasn't been updated in years but works great.

[Dev] AdClear: a free ad blocker that works in apps and all browsers (We need your help again!) : androidapps

Do without political elites, do you really need a government to tell you what the right thing to do is?

Just about a petabyte raw. 122 x 8TB Hot-swappable 12GB SAS 7.2K drives, 2x5TB PCIe Flash. Ready to dedupe, compress, and hoard data for 5 years.

A free alternative to Disconnect Pro - Adhell uses Samsung Knox to block ads & trackers. No VPN. (x/post from Android Apps) : GalaxyS7

block system wide ads on Android without root or battery drain

Showing as an update for me

DNS66 najłatwiej pobrać poprzez repozytoria F-Droid, ale także znajdziecie wszystkie potrzebne linki na Githubie autora: Klik! Oczywiście nie spodziewajcie ...



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Android Police

... best rooted apps

It should be noted that if you're using systemless root like Magisk, then you'll need to enable systemless hosts file in the settings for this to work.

Adguard vs AdAway (and other hosts-based ad blockers - DNS66, Netguard etc.)

block popup ads on android phones

Update Rooted Nexus 6P to June Update [N2G47W]

20160911_133356 20160911_133410 20160911_134623 20160911_134651 20160911_134704 20160911_134821 20160911_134845 20160911_135226

AdAway 3.2 apk screenshot ...

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File Name : AdAway Apk File Size : 5.1 MB Publisher : not-available. OS Support: Android

hosts uBlock Origin

Ben Owen Confident Of Derby Win Against Chris Adaway,

Usuwanie reklam z internetów przy pomocy pliku hosts


What is rooting in? Advantage and Disadvantage of rooting


Top 5 Best Free Ad Blocker apps for Android 2017

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