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Two particles P and Q of masses 2kg and mkg

Two particles P and Q of masses 2kg and mkg


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FIITJEE Question Papers from Rankers Study Material for IIT JEE | Gases | Solution

ST (b) The fluid in part a) is pure water for which the vapour pressure is 7 x 101 Pa The upstream diameter is 100 mm and the throat diameter is 50 ...

1.23 The specific volume of 5 kg of water vapor at 1.5 MPa, 440°


MST209 Mathematical methods and models Block 2; 2.

9; 10.

VIJETA (JP) IPT-1 Solution Booklet English 22-04-2012[1] | Molecular Orbital | Lens (Optics)

QUESTION1 A piston cylinder device contains 1 kg of saturated water vapour at 2 bar.

(a) i Spring 2018 Midterm Y 230 +0 +9 -0 Three

19; 20.

... 19.

10; 11.

MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1) A positive charge enters a uniform magnetic field as shown.

A certain freely falling object, released from rest, requires 1.35 s to travel the

August 20, 2016 TO: Product Engineering FROM: Pr

Fiitjee question papers from rankers study material for iit jee by S.Dharmaraj - issuu

When we have distribution of particles such that their coordinates with respect to chosen origin are determined, then preparation of this type of table is ...

d shows block of mass m1 10.0 kg sph ere a str 4.24 Figure P 4.4

PHY 2202 General Physics II Homework 1-3 Capacitors Due: 5:15 P.M.

... Q; 27.

Some physical constants: Universal constant of Gravitation G 6.7x10 N.M3kg Radius of

PROBLEM 4: (10 points) A constant magnetic field is directed into the page

Some physical constants: G 6.7x10 N.M2kg2 Universal constant of Gravitation RE 6.4

All is given in image

A block of mass ma is initially at rest

In the arrangement shown in figure the ends P and Q of an unstretchable string move downwards with uniform speed U. Pulleys A and B are fixed.

Home Work Date of Submission: -25 /09/2017 2% of Graded

... 2.

7. points BauerPhys1 4 P.046 My Notes Ask Your Teas A pinata of

Three conducting spheres - 1, 2, and 3 - are shown below Spheres 1

Two balls, having linear momenta pt = pi and p2 = -pi, undergo a collision in free space. There is no external force acting on the balls.

Do Supplementary Text Problem 4 4 using the follow

A small car of mass 1.20 Mg (1.20 x 10 kg) traveling

Laney College Physics 4B Direction = (7 points) (3 points) BLEM 3

QUESTION 3 A 2 kg of water executes a Carnot power cycle. At first,

PROBLEM 2: (10 points) A long straight wire carries current Ii. A

17; 18.

Biogas from a bioreactor enters a well-insulated e

Page: 2 Final Exam, January 9th, 2017 NAME: MEEN-3333-


A charge-q is located at y =-12, and a second charge

12 6×9.57 × 103 = bd2 6×957×103. 14.35 MPa

002 10.0 points Two forces are applied to a 50-kg box. One is

For the circuit below, the emf has an rms voltage of 120 V at a

2 1. Two kilograms of argon in a piston-cylinder device undergoes a series

In the figure below, four charged parades are trav

CE) The block on tme ncl or the incine is 4o the mass of force

Problem 2.25 Part A A rock is dropped from the top of a tall building. The

A 7 kg bowling ball collides head on wi

d/2 in space a distance d- 4.5 cm apart, as shown in


003 (part 1 of 2) 10.0 points A 1.6 kg mass undergoes an acceleration

A 20.0grman bullet is Xired inlo a albck of mass 3.00 ka made o clau

A drop of molten metal falls under gravity through a vacuum onto a rigid planar surface

Figure K2 of 2 150 mm 50 mm 50 mm 20 mm

Motion equean

QUESTION 1 Superheated refrigerant R-134a at 20°C, 0.5 MPa is cooled

Swich 4. closed A resistor and a capacitor are connected in series across an ideal

of different normal to the page. and p,(2) in the Solution


Problem 9 The temperature approximated as a 1.2-mm-diameter sphere The properties of

Two masses (m1 = 5kg and m2 = 2kg) are connected b

2. A 30-g bullet is fired with a horizontal velocity of 400 m

Write out the equations in the other two directions 1. If flow is inviscid (

A mass spectrometer similar to the one in the figu

Problem 3: 8-83/84 (page 442). Use the picture

2. (9.52) Air enters the compressor of a cold air-standard Brayton

... 41.

... 11.

Use the picture as given, and determine (a) the smallest F and (b) the largest F. Take β = 540° (cord passes two times over the pipe), ...


ST (b) The fluid in part a) is pure water for which the



10.0 kg is on a ramp inclined at an 4.30 In Figure P 4.8, a block of mass m1 angle of 250 and is connected by a string over a frictionless pulley ...

2 m 2 m F2-25 F2-26. Determine the angle θ between

A uniform, horizontal 1.00-mT magnetic field points north. Four charged particles,


There has been some concern in recent years over t

6 The two-degree of freedom system consists of a disc with

Fiitjee question papers from rankers study material for iit jee by S.Dharmaraj - issuu

... 28.

Indicate if this moment is CW or CCW. (Type in CW or CCW in

Tor tne Situation shown in te mat nnesusten in 03o ed atin 1 ifthe ion as

b pepitas Bing 3E Log in to Canvas Quiz Moment calculat X C For The Figu unrinstructure