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Scott and Rene Carpenter Florida 1962 Astronaut Appreciation

Scott and Rene Carpenter Florida 1962 Astronaut Appreciation


Scott and Rene Carpenter, Florida, 1962.

Rene Carpenter at a post-flight press conference for the Mercury-Atlas 7 mission

Mrs. Marilyn Lovell, wife of the pilot of Gemini 7 spacecraft, right, looks at children's jumping shoes as she shops for Christmas toys in Houston,…

rene carpenter | Rene Carpenter, wife of astronaut Malcolm Scott Carpenter, on patio of

Family of astronaut Malcolm Scott Carpenter (L-R) wife Rene and kids Candace, Kristen

Scott Carpenter and daughter, 1962.

Six wives of the seven Mercury astronauts pose on April 27, 1962 at a luncheon

Rene and Scott Carpenter do the twist at the Armory dance for the astronauts, 1962

Scott who? Rene Carpenter, one of the First Ladies of Space - and one

President John F. Kennedy congratulates the astronaut Scott Carpenter in the Oval Office at the White House after his three-orbit flight around the earth.

155 best Astro Wives images on Pinterest | Vintage fashion, Fashion vintage and Retro fashion

Six wives of the seven Mercury astronauts pose on April 1962 at a luncheon…

Group shot of wives taken in 1963 at a Ladies Auxiliary event in Washington, D.C.

Scott Rene Carpenter Astronaut Wigs Harvard Denver 1962 May 18 LIFE Magazine

Scott and Rene Carpenter

Astronaut Scott Carpenter's wife, Rene, and son, Marc, watch his 1962 orbital flight on TV.

Astronaut Scott Carpenter and family in 1962 | Scott Carpenter: Rare Photos of a NASA

Instagram media by thelilykoppel - Rene coming into her own #AstronautWivesClub. AstronautsAstronaut

222 best Astro images on Pinterest | Project mercury, Space astronauts and Nasa history

Project Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter and Wife Rene Relaxing at Home

Annie Glenn, Rene Carpenter, and Louise Shepard.

Unsung Heroes of the Space Age, Part Rene Carpenter

Astronaut Scott Carpenter, dressed in space suit, preparatory to America's second manned orbital flight, May

NASA Astronaut Scott Carpenter during a suiting exercise in 1962. Photo Credit: NASA

Life Magazine May 18, 1962 : Cover - Astronaut Scott Carpenter and his wife Rene

Alan B. Shepard, John Glenn and Scott Carpenter - LIFE magazine

Mercury 7 astronaut Scott Carpenter

Former astronaut Scott Carpenter, the second American in orbit, died Oct. As one of the original Mercury astronauts, Carpenter was in the first vanguard of ...

The wives of the Mercury astronauts entertaining, Virginia, 1959. From lower left:

The original Astronaut Wives en route to Cape Canaverel, Florida.

Scott Carpenter Scott Carpenter Astronaut and Aquanaut

Astronaut Wife Rene Carpenter, Watching Space Shuttle Launch, June 1, 1962 Photographic Print

Louise Shepard with Jackie Kennedy after the Mercury-Redstone 3 mission. Credit: NASA via Retro Space Images | Astro | Pinterest | Space images, ...

Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter, Second American in Orbit, Dies at 88

Photograph credit: U.S. Navy, Rene Carpenter, private collection

Yvonne Strahovski as Rene Carpenter in Astronaut Wives Club #yvonne #strahovski #new #

drs.jpg (1255×1600)

The Original Mercury The guys with the "right stuff" Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom, John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, Wally Schirra Gordon Cooper Deke Slayton


Marge Slayton, wife of Mercury 7 astronaut Deke Slayton

Carpenter with John Glenn (left). The two were great friends

A group of the wives of Project Mercury astronauts relax around a table and talk together

'The Astronauts Wives Club: A True Story' - Lily Koppel. The wives

Scott Carpenter, Mercury 7 astronaut and second American to orbit Earth, dies at 88

Astronaut John Glenn and his wife Annie at their ticker-tape parade held for him

Platinum blonde Rene Carpenter—the wife of one of the Mercury astronauts—surprised the other wives for this first 1959 Life cover shoot by mixing up the ...

In November 1951, he was assigned to Patrol Squadron 6 based at Barbers Point, Hawaii. During the Korean conflict, he was with Patrol Squadron 6 engaged in ...

Former "astrowife" Rene Carpenter

Nasa astronauts

Scott Carpenter

Astronaut John Glenn's wife Annie -- her expression a mix of wonder, pride,

The Mercury Seven: Walter M. Alan B. Glenn, M. Scott Carpenter, Donald K. Slayton, L. Gordon Cooper, Virgil I.

Rene Carpenter | Getty Images

Astronaut Deke Slayton in the Cocoa Beach Holiday Inn pool. 1961.

https://flic.kr/p/Gr2ZSz | 1962 jkngbsjk 02 [

John Glenn and Scott Carpenter

Houston please be informed there is a Santa Claus”

Here Are Some Amazing Photographs Of Early Astronauts And

The wives of the "Mercury Seven", America's first astronauts. (Back Row

Scott who? Rene Carpenter, one of the First Ladies of Space - and one cute dog. | AWC | Pinterest | Carpenter and NASA

Scott Carpenter & family with Kennedy | Those Were the Days V: 50's-60's | Pinterest | Carpenter, NASA and Nasa history

Astronaut Scott Carpenter stands in front of the Mercury Control Center at Cape Canaveral. Carpenter

Alan Shepard with family | Those Were the Days V: 50's-60's | Pinterest

Rene Carpenter

John Glenn and Scott Carpenter - LIFE magazine

Boomer heroes - The Mercury Seven astronauts - introduced to us April 9, 1959 -

Jacqueline Kennedy greets the wives of astronauts, America's newest heroes and explorers, in the Green Room.

A sweet portrait of Marge Slayton and her son Kent from the “family portraits”

Mercury wives meet the Gemini wives - Marge needs a cig … and Jo Schirra…

Hat & Gloves: Astronaut wife Jane Conrad looking very chic during 1965's Gemini 5 flight

pete conrad and family

From left, astronauts Scott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, John Glenn, Gus Grissom,

Chrysler artist Cece Bibby chats with Scott Carpenter, after stencilling the name "Aurora 7

Image result for david scott astronaut + Mag Black

The Mercury Seven mission astronauts left their wives depressed and isolated | Depressing, Astronauts and History

Original 1961 8" x 10" Photo of John Glenn Dressing for NASA Friendship 7

Related image · AstronautsCarpenter60 ...

(from astronautfashions tumblr) The other astronauts saw

John and Annie Glenn Out-of-this-world tales in moonwalkers' suburb

At home in Nassau Bay

Image result for david scott astronaut + Mag Black

Ralph Morse—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE. NASA astronaut Ed White and his wife Pat at home. | Johnson!

Annie and John Glenn wave to the crowd during a Washington, DC parade in February 1962

Scott Carpenter Scott Carpenter Mercury astronaut dies at 88 CBS News

Instagram media by thelilykoppel - Remembering Joan Aldrin Apollo 11 wife and actress who passed away

Hoosier was one of America's original astronauts

Scott Carpenter Astronaut Biography Scott Carpenter

Pete Conrad was the commander of Apollo 12. Here is the Conrad family. |

Astronaut Gus Grissom, ready to drive a moped in Bermuda - LIFE magazine


Astronaut Jim Lovell & Family, Apollo 13 Crew Member, ...

Annie Glenn

astronauts-wives. They originally had pink lipstick on but Life decided that Patriotic Red

Instagram photo by @fakeempireteam via ink361.com

Wally & Jo Schirra

The Mercury Seven mission astronauts left their wives depressed and isolated. Together they formed The

Carpenter inspects the honeycomb material that will support the protective heat shield of his Aurora 7 spacecraft in 1962.

Meet the Stylish Ladies of The Astronaut Wives Club - Marge Slayton, Played by Erin