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My pet rat is dying what can I do to

My pet rat is dying what can I do to


Pet rat in the process of dying [FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY]

My pet rat died

My Rat's Eyes Are Bleeding! Why Do My Rat's Eyes Look Bloody? - Understanding Pet Fancy Rats

Sometimes, rats' eyes will bulge; and when they look like this, it

My friend's pet rat died.

in memory my pet rat LUCKY died today very sad day : ( YouTube

Meet Pakita, she was my first pet rat. She died with almost 4 years

Sweet Civi, the little pet rat we gave our youngest for Christmas just over a year ago, died unexpectedly yesterday morning. I know many of you aren't rat ...

[ IMG]

Hundreds of rats and mice died ...

My pet rat died today, this was one of the last moments of her life

sick rat

When to Euthanize Your Rat and How. Kailey's Pet Care

Pet Rat with Pituitary Tumor - Trying To Eat

5 days after the surgery he was putting light weight on the foot. 2 weeks after the surgery he was walking normally on the foot!

My little sick Alma showing she can still be excited despite being unwell #aww #

healthy rat eyes

Hi my rat died and i am so sad so this pic looks like him so

The Signs to Know When a Rat Is Sick. By Naomi Millburn. Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images

dying rat

Is My Pet Rat Sneezing, Coughing, Rattling, Hiccuping, or Wheezing? - Understanding Pet Fancy Rats

This is still a horrible death though because the tiny cuts do not cause instantaneous death as the other answers point out. Not the best way to go.

dumbo fawn pet rat licking hand

[ IMG]

Urgent, my rat could be dying and I don't know if antibiotics will help.

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Learn which foods safe for your rat to eat and which are not.

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My pet rat died this weekend I feel so sad but don't want to tell people

My pet rat Emile who has died

Signs of a sick rat

And I deal very badly with grief. Here's the last time ...

I didnt even know rats enjoyed yoga my sick sweet Harry. #aww #cute

Ectoparasitic Infestation of Mites in Rats

rexed agouti female rat. She's not dumbo eared, but top eared!

remove dead rat smell

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Rats that have never lived in the wild pose very little danger as pets.

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Sleeping rat has its eyes closed. Sometimes, rats will sleep with their eyes open

My pet rat is very very sick :(

Pet Rats - The best pet on earth! (This one will make you feel like aaawwwww :)) - YouTube

Anderson my rat of 2 1/2 years old , Rest In Peace died 9th Aug 2013

Why Does My Pet Rat Boggle and Brux? What Boggling and Bruxing REALLY Means!

Three-month old baby girl is EATEN ALIVE by monster rats after her mother left her home alone to go on all night drinking binge

Foods That Are, And Are Not Safe For A Pet Rat

So greatful to have such caring friends and fearful for the remaining two. Owen will be deeply missed and his spot on my shoulder and his nonstop kisses ...

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Felix, my male dwarf black dumbo rat, born and raised at Rat Emporium Toronto

My pet rat died this morning. I buried her near her sister. Then I took down her cage, threw away all of her linens, and scrubbed the area around where she ...

Are Pink Eyed or Red Eyed Rats Blind?

silver agouti dumbo rat, born at the Rat Emporium Toronto - adopt pet rats Toronto

Cuddle Therapy for Dovey: for the best chance ...

chicken predator/pest: rat

Pepeijn said he was very upset when the vet put his rat to sleep and wanted

This rat has a much less serious case of bulging than the previous rat. As

rat painting My first rat called summer was a colourful one, she loved dying her

mouse, glass, animal, pet, fun, macro, tiny, rat image by lena Letuchaia from Fotolia.com

The recent report of a 10-year-old boy that died from rat-bite fever in San Diego has raised concerns about the risk of contracting this disease from pet ...

Pet white rat

Mammary tumors in female rats, or does, is quite common. These cysts can

Coming across a dead rat is a disgusting and horrifying sight. Hopefully, you never have to experience it firsthand. However, if you do, it's important to ...

Culprit: A rat (file photo) being raised to feed a Pennsylvania family's pet

My feeder rat dying due to old age. Love you Boboi.

What Color Should Rat Pee Be?

One of my rats, Lucy, died last week. She was almost exactly 2 years old and had started to slow down some over the past several months, spending a lot more ...

Rats tied to beer bottles fight to the death in sick footage of twisted drinking game - Mirror Online

When trying to determine cause of death for multiple hamsters at different times, factors to consider include genetics, diet and environmental stresses.

Schoolboy's dead pet rat turned into remote controlled flying drone toy - Mirror Online

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With Vanilla, the other rat I got. Unfortunately Vanilla kept whooping her ass, so I had to return her.

How to Tame Pet Rats

10 Ways to Find a Good Local Rat Breeder or Rescue


how to get rid of rats: photo

Dead Rat Carcass Removal - How to find deceased rodents or mice in the attic, walls, or ceiling of a house

... and keep an eye on her, but chances are she will pass the dead kittens by about day 27. Keep her on antibiotics for a week or so after a litter failure.

you are a good wee girl bonbon

Hundreds of rats and mice died ...

Culprit . . . the dead rat

How To Get Rid Of Dead Rat Smell dead rat

Young rat image by Maslov Dmitry from Fotolia.com

Crisp, my cinnamon top eared rat, born and raised at the Rat Emporium Toronto

Be sure to wash your hands after you tickle your pet rat, the CDC cautions after 8 people got infected with Seoul virus

Rats are also more active in the early evening and can sometimes be heard scurrying about in attics, behind walls and other areas. In addition to these ...