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DIY Antenna for RTL SDR

DIY Antenna for RTL SDR


Homemade Discone for RTL-SDR Use.

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Discone Antenna for RTL SDR | HAM Radio Ops & Projects | Pinterest | Ham radio

This is a tip from the book I didn't see online. Use a

Includes FlightAware ADS-B Antenna,

Discone antenna finished

Beginner, antenna, RTL-SDR, DIY, newbie, tips, radio,

ADSB Groundplane Antenna

InnovAntenna AIS

Three antennas on windowsill, one week.

Hello, I made 70cm band coax QFH ...

sdrformariners_apt_image QFH Antenna

hillbillysatellitetracking2. “

Homemade Wire Coat Hanger Discone

Rendered discone antenna

... got an antenna kit from rtl-sdr.com for review and ordered one within minutes as it's well worth the money, then some ended up with two identical kits:


IMG_20150718_105634 IMG_20150718_105610

He also related it was possible ...


Double Cross Antenna (Source: http://www.rtl-sdr.

There are many open source software packages we can choose from for spectrum analysis. One thing to note though is that many of the “scanner” software ...

The finished double cross antenna connected to a PC running an RTL-SDR and WXtoIMG

Fully constructed ADS-B antenna with RTL-SDR dongle for size comparison.

For less than 10 dollars, a generic RTL-SDR dongle will do the job perfectly - albeit a small modification to antenna will be necessary to get better ...

"Delta Loop Antenna"

AIS, antenna, RTL-SDR, Software Defined Radio, 820T, testing,

Size comparison

Discone antenna, not yet finished


The dressler ARA-2000

DIY Yagi antenna with RTL-SDR

The Outernet items you get for $70 USD.

Assembly on the stacked PVC was annoyingly hard so I made it on plastic foam board first. I am taking data now and I am surprised by it's sensitivity down ...




Rtlsdr4everyone, Nooelec, RTL-SDR, rtl sdr, R820T, R820T2, dongle


The wideband PCB log-periodic antenna.

Home made Discone Antenna

SWR measurement set up.

The ezTV645 dongle with the homemade antenna connector adapter pigtail attached.

Homemade Degradable Ground Plane Antenna for ADS B1090MHz

LNA4ALL Airband Performance

Another home brew QFH antenna constructed out of copper wire is here. Also, a good calculator for determining QFH antenna dimensions for 137 MHz can be ...

RTL-SDR + GPS antenna plus an Intel NUC computing platform.

The Outernet patch antenna and LNA

The rtlsdr dongle I'm using is hooked up with a 10m long USB active repeater extension cable and F crimp connectors.

Image is loading 100KHz-1-7GHz-Full-Band-UV-HF-RTL-

Active Antenna AA-7 HF/VHF/UHF, 3-3000MHz

Building and Testing an L-Band Patch antenna for Inmarsat-C Reception - rtl

RTL-SDR USB Development Kit

DF 100KHz-1.7GHz Full Band UV HF RTL-SDR USB Tuner Receiver DIY

S-Band antenna painted

RTL-SDR, EMI, RFI, Noise reduction, noise suppression, SDRSharp,

The BA5SBA Direct Sampling RTL-SDR Kit

The three antennas used for direction finding.


First thing I checked on the biquad was the continuity of the coax+antenna setup. Electrically the quad is a short circuit, so measuring resistance across ...

To build my discone I followed Roklobsta's D.I.Y. Discone for RTLSDR ...

Image is loading 100KHz-1-7GHz-UV-HF-RTL-SDR-USB-

Iridium Antenna + HackRF Portapack.


NooElec NESDR Mini USB RTL-SDR, DVB-T & ADS-B Receiver

100KHz-1.7GHz full band UV HF RTL-SDR USB Tuner Receiver DIY KITS

The dongle attaches to the 'puter with a short USB extension (this of course could be much longer). The supplied antenna's feeder was cut about 6" from the ...

Helical Inmarsat antenna feed for a 90cm Ku band dish

I guess you missed 'em both? Well, I use a homemade ...

Wine cork dipole antenna

The RTL2832 and antenna

NooElec NESDR Mini 2+ 0.5PPM TCXO USB RTL-SDR Receiver (RTL2832 +

RTL-SDR Blog SMA Male to SMA M, BNC F, Type N F, Type F F, UHF F, PAL F RG316 20cm Pigtail Adapters Bundle

Building a quadrifilar helix antenna (QFH) for NOAA satellite reception with an RTL-SDR

The fan cooled RTL-SDR used to detect the Hydrogen line.

Tech Stuff Rpi Rtl Sdr And Diy Discone Discone Antenna Drawing

Front view of the rectangular waveguide feed showing the stub antenna and the first LNA. RTL SDR ...


IMG_20150718_105634 IMG_20150718_105610

Antenna system: QFH antenna --> 88-108MHz FM broadcast reject filter --> 2m bandpass filter --> RTLSDR --> Raspberry Pi.

... http://steve-m.de/pictures/rtlsdr_external_clock.jpg ...

Image is loading DIY-KIT-Mini-Whip-Active-Antenna-RTL-SDR

Image is loading R820T-RTL2832U-100KHz-1-7GHz-TCXO-FM-RTL-

rtl-sdr stock antenna

Slink Antenna for 80m

RTL-SDR mods RTL-SDR mods ...

Antenna screw is compatible with antennas supplied with any RTL-SDR dongle to date. The magnet is so strong that it picked up the metal pan I use as a ...

ARA-2000 ...

RTL-SDR Blog SMA Male to SMA M, BNC F, Type N F, Type F F, UHF F, PAL F Straight Adapters Bundle

Image is loading DIY-Kit-100KHz-1-7GHz-TCXO-UHF-HF-

low noise amplifier Archives | Electronics Components | Pinterest | Idea box

How to locate RTL-SDR? Close to antennas of course

Ham Radio Receiver 100KHz-1.7GHz full Band UV HF RTL-SDR USB Tuner

I had a cm measuring tape, but you might have to convert the measurements to inches if you don't. A useful tip from here is to use a door jamb to make a ...