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2 player pong microbit

2 player pong microbit


BBC micro:bit 2 player pong

BBC micro:bit - 2 player pong

Step 2

Using the 1st crocodile clip, attach the battery pack then connect the end of the crocodile clip onto P0 on the BBC micro:bit.

micro:bit Two Player Pong


BBC micro:bit - Jailbreak Challenge

BBC micro:bit - Magic Logo - YouTube

In this tutorial, I will show you how to code a game of Pong on your micro:bit! Be aware though, this script may be particularly challenging.

BBC micro:bit - Snowflake Fall Challenge 2

BBC micro:bit - Headbands Challenge

BBC micro:bit - Magic 8 Challenge 2

BBC micro:bit - Smiley Challenge

Demonstating a Simple Reaction Game on the BBC Micro:bit

Play and create video games using the Microbit

BBC micro:bit - Headbands

willsblog | Episode 1 | Pong - BBC micro:bit

Tutorial: micro:bit Multiplayer Shooter Game (ARM Intern Challenge)

Read More: First Three Days With micro:bit, Last Three Days With micro:bit

The BBC micro:bit - NEW PONG

BBC micro:bit microbit _microbit_using_microsoft_block_editor_870

BBC Micro:bit "Dead Or Alive"

Networking 2 Microbits together with link to tutorial

BBC micro:bit Tetris Game

BBC micro:bit - Flipping Bird Challenge

Text entry for the BBC micro:bit!

5 MicroBit Virtual Pet

Microbit to microbit over the things network

Coding Word Games With MicroBit

BBC micro:bit - Looper

BBC micro:bit - Bop It

BBC micro:bit - Snowflake Fall

2 player pong project

The BBC micro:bit - 10 GAMES

Here's the player ...

BBC micro:bit - Digital Pet Challenge 1

The BBC micro:bit - BREAKOUT

BBC microbit digital measuring tape

Demonstrating a Simple Compass on the BBC Micro:bit

BBC micro:bit Automatic Irrigation System 自動灌溉系統

Scrolling multiple microbit displays

Bouncy Ball - Micro:Bit

Shakespearean Insult Generator on a micro:bit

micro:bit TARDIS

Follow these tutorials to make games on your micro:bit and when you get the hang of things, try remixing them and make it ...


Music player - Micro:bit

Episode 4 - playing Star Wars music on your BBC MicroBit - YouTube

Python arcade game tutorial for the BBC micro:bit


Step 1 - Coding Pong Go to www.microbit.co.uk/create

The BBC micro:bit - SWITCH BOUNCE

micro:bit - Temperature Gauge

MicroBit - Name tag

The BBC micro:bit - BUFFER

micro:bit Tracker

BBC Micro:bit bloodhound test


How to save a #microbit file

[開箱]BBC micro bit evaluation board

Short demonstration of a spaceship game with the micro:bit

BBC micro:bit - Transformers


Dismantling the mega:bit (large-scale BBC micro:bit)


click on picture to enlarge

BBC micro:bit - Lucky 7 Challenge

Play PokeMon on your BBC Micro:Bit

Arduino 2 player game

Play with CODE & micro:bit - เป่า ยุ้งฉุบ (Rock Scissor Paper)

The BBC micro:bit - ONE PIN JOYSTICK

Micro:bit demo

Music on the BBC MicroBit using a buzzer - written in micro python.

How to find the 5 character ID of a BBC micro:bit

Strawbees Pinball with microbit

I ...

BBC micro:bit. Develop shapes with a nested for loops https://

The BBC micro:bit - JUGGLING 5

BBC micro:bit - Blink Challenge 3

BBC microbit with TCS3200 colour sensor

micro:bit raw radio

BBC micro:bit - Snowflake Fall Challenge 1 - YouTube

Micro:bit Kodu - Duel

BBC microbit als ibeacon

Python 28 BBC Microbit 迷宮小遊戲

import microbit ...

It ...

BBC micro:bit. Develop shapes with a nested for loops https://

BBC micro:bit. Develop shapes with a nested for loops https://

BBC micro:bit - 102d - Boolean logic

Smart Fan Control System with Micro:bit

Lets Create Pong!